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Cracking the dating rules: the dos and don’ts

First date is an adrenaline pumping moment. Both men and women find it difficult figuring what to do to impress the other person although the pressure is always higher on the man. Irrespective of the number of articles you have read on how to date Russian women, you will still have the need to panic because in the real sense of it, articles are far from reality.

Russia beautiful girlsThe reason why there is so much nervousness associated with first dates can be attributed to the several mischievous articles about Russian women which litter the cyber world. In most of these articles, sexy Russian women are portrayed as tough and hard to please and men who read these articles before attempting the real date may become caught up in the stereotype game which may make them feel that there is nothing that they will do that will impress the lady. This is a huge lie because Russian women can be pleased if you follow the dating rules listed below.

Some level of nervousness can also be said to be normal because both the man and woman know little or nothing about the other; their best cloth or color, their likes and dislikes and so on. However, there are varieties of things that appears to be general which almost everyone will enjoy doing (Dos) on their first date and they are as follows;

1.Going for a dinner

A dinner is the best neutral ground you can get for the both of you if you are still wondering the best place to hang out. Choose a restaurant that has a good lighting. When it comes to food, choose a neutral food and reserve the ethnic food for the second and third date.

2.Take a walk

A first date with Russia beautiful girls need not be anything extravagant. Going for a walk to parks and public places will be just fine as it will afford you the intimacy and quietness needed to communicate and figure out what you have in common.

3.Sip a coffee at the coffee shop

This has been nicknamed coffee date, it is totally inexpensive but fun when you are trying to know someone.

4.Attend a local festival together

First dates can easily turn to a boring meeting because there is lack of activities. Attending a local festival will give the both of you the opportunity of doing something fun together and the best part of it is that it will cost you next to nothing.

dating Russian ladyThe main idea of a dating Russian lady for the first time should be that of fostering intimacy. Places that are quiet will give the both of you room to communicate with each other and fashion out the direction you want the relationship to go. Having looked at the Dos, let us glance through the don’ts or things you rather not do on a first date.

1.Scheduling a movie

A movie can make a good dating time but it can hardly work alone. It can only be an extension of dinner or coffee date. This is because when in the cinema, you don’t get the time to communicate to avoid distracting other people who are there to see the movie too. It doesn’t give room for intimacy.

2.Expensive first dates

It is understandable that you are trying your best to impress the pretty Russian woman that you intend probably to spend the rest of your life with but have a look at it this way; the first date is like setting a standard for yourself and your partner. Consider what you think would happen if you fail to sustain the tempo beyond the first date.