Dating a Russian Girl? Don’t Idealize Her

Ever wondered why things don’t work out with beautiful russian women? Because guys that want to date russian girls seeking men still believe in those idealistic romantic ideas about russian dating.

It’s time to ditch those romantic ideals and start breaking rules if you don’t want your relationship with every single russian girl online to be doomed to end.

beautiful russian womenIt is not about money

When you think about dating russian asian women, you probably have those idealistic romantic ideals – like that widespread idea that any woman in russia will fall in love with you just because you’ll take her live abroad with you.

You cannot build a healthy relationship believing that you’re saving a girl’s life and that she owes you for that.

Guess what? Those russian women looking for marriage are not some kind of princesses that need to be rescued all the time. The thing about beautiful russian women is that they’re independent and they want you to respect their independence.

Just because you’re rich and have enough money to transfer her abroad to live with you, and buy her things, and treat her to SPA every day – won’t make a girl happy in the long-term.

If you’re looking for russian girl for dating and then marrying her in the not so distant future, then know this: you can’t buy happiness or love.

If it was so easy, there wouldn’t be so many rich guys on online dating websites in their 30s and 40s still looking for russia mail order bride.

That’s the harsh truth. The sooner you start looking for a russian girl online that you would want to FALL IN LOVE with, not be a financial sponsor or savior of, the sooner you’ll find true love.

Plus, there are plenty of gold diggers out there who will fake their feelings toward you just to have access to your wallet. Beware of that.

You cannot change Russian women

Are you ready for another harsh truth? Remember the time you met this russian girl online and you started dating, but then she cheated on you?

Do you remember yourself saying, “That sucks, but stuff happens, she won’t do it again, she can change.” And then she cheated on you again…

Well, guess why? Because believing you can change a person is one of those idealistic romantic ideals about dating that you must ditch.

If you don’t want to be disappointed, heart-broken multiple times or depressed in a relationship, face the harsh truth: you can never change a person, unless the person REALLY wants to.

The same goes for russian women looking for marriage who think they can change a guy who has sex with anything that moves and wears a skirt. You can’t change a person. Period.

People may change their thinking a little bit, and adjust their ideas, but most behaviors just stay with us forever and there’s no escaping from it.

russian girl for datingRussian women are not toys

Men seeking beautiful russian women tend to believe that once they get in a serious relationship with woman in russia, they get to immediately forbidden her to see her friends, stay at home as much as possible and go outside only when they let her.

Well, that’s not happening. You can’t boss russian asian women around. She won’t be staying at the kitchen 24/7 ready to do whatever you say and do whatever you want any second you want it.

Just because you’re dating a Russian woman, doesn’t mean you OWN her like she’s your puppy or kitten. Ditch those stereotypes that gave birth to men idealizing that all Russian women do whatever they are told.

That’s not how russian dating works.

You can’t be happy all the time

This one goes to dating russian asian women and pretty much all women out there. Dating is not about being happy all the time.

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and there are bad days – and then there are good days. Not every day is going to be like the day you met and not every night is going to be as exciting as the first night you two had sex.

Every relationship is about knowing that you’re better with that person than you would be without; and every relationship is about chasing future together.