Russian dating

Dating Has Never Been More Fun Before

Getting to know amazing Russian women is full of rush and excitement.  Russian dating is supposed to be fun. It takes you to know the right tricks to enjoy its magic otherwise all you will get out of dating is anxiety and a lot of drama which no one ever wants. Dating is a game and you need to know the rules to play along. There is one rule, TO HAVE FUN. You have come to the right place to get fun ideas for dating Russian girls.

beautiful Russian womenFirst Date:  They say first impression is last impression, and it is quite true. You do not want to leave a bad impression if you are planning to turn your relationship into something more serious. What you need to do is charm her with your unpredictability. How to meet Russian girls and you do not want to do things in conventional way. Since other person will be comfortable if it is a public place. What can be better than hot-air-balloon. Take her high up, up, and away from everyone. She will be mesmerized by your date plan. You can choose different amazing places for first date.

Go on Hiking: The more the rush the more it will be a fun date. Take her by surprise and drive away to the nearest trail for trekking. You will get to talk to her and share same experience with Russian girl’s as yours. This way you both will have more fun and will not get bored of each other.

Late Night Cycling: Call her up at night and ask her to come out. Suggest her to ride the bike and then suddenly move forward and ask her to catch you. As she is chasing you, lead her to place nearby where you can lay down and stare at stars. Silence is also a beautiful underrated language. Sometimes all you need is peaceful time with the person you love.

Watch Sunset and Sunrise Together: sometime we overlook the beauty that lies in everyday monotonous events. But, take your girl to sunset view and witness sun setting. As sun is setting, you want to kiss her and make her feel really special. Wake up early in the morning and watch sunrise together.

Sky Lanterns and Dinner: You want to wait for a chilly night. Arrange a perfect place for her nearby the lake. Organize a perfect dinner with dim romantic lighting. Take Chinese sky lanterns as well. Once you reach nearby lake, ask her to close the eyes and take her to your place by her hand. Surprise her. Have a perfect dinner with her favorite dish as well. After you are done, burn the sky lanterns and watch them go.Russian date

Take her out of City
: Take her away from all the worries and rush to some beautiful city. Explore the city you have not traveled before. Go to different place, eat varieties of dishes. Discover many places and meet new people in limited time. Then come back late at night, this way you will get to have long drive with her. Ask her to drive halfway through.

Paintball: Making your date boring is last thing you want. So take her to paintball game. The more fun date the more you will be excited to spend time with each other.

Special Occasions: Of course everyone wants special occasions to be exceptional and remarkable. Like for her birthday, you want to arrange pre-birthday surprises for her because she will already be expecting a surprise on her birthday. On valentine’s you might want to spend whole day with her and plan surprises for her and get Russian wife.

This way Russian personal dating can be turned into something more serious and you can turn those amazing Russian women into your Russian wives.