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Dating Profile Secrets Nobody Told You

In our growing world where the population of Russian women is almost tripling that of men, dating has become a tough struggle – more like survival of the fittest – and the idea of online dating has only made the hill even steeper to climb. The informed are getting hooked while the uninformed are waiting for some magical fairy to link them up with their perfect groom.

The truth is that online dating doesn’t make things easy for Russian girls either. It is more frustrating even to be on a dating website without having anyone hitting on you – seems a total waste of time right? However, there are ways a Russian girl can stand herself out from the thousands of profile and make it a worthwhile experience.
There is even a new form of online dating known as Russian mail order brides which allow Russian housewives to meet men from America and Europe and can arrange their meeting if everything goes well but like online dating, you need to get noticed first.

Russian sexy ladyMake ‘about you’ brief and interesting

In any Russian dating website, the ‘about you’ is that point in a profile where you will be given the chance to talk about yourself. This is your first selling point (your first impression which should matter the most) and you need to make it count. Don’t sound too serious or you may lose your audience. Keep it brief and interesting with a little sense of humor and you will have guys buzzing you tirelessly.

Play with rhymes

If you have a sense of poetry, why not bring it in? Everything that would make you appear better than the others counts, remember? In that case, chip in a little rhyme or poetry while describing yourself and bet you, if there is any man with a taste for poetry around, you hit your jackpot. Rhymes also have a way of calling attention.

Kill the typos before they kill you

Russian babes rarely give a hoot to English. Come on, it is not their mother tongue, right? It may not be but if you need an American or some Europeans for a date, then it becomes a serious issue. Sometimes, hot young Russian girls may know what to say but because she is in a haste, typos take over without her notice and in the end, the message is blurred out. Make sure you proofread your bio several times before putting it up.

Spellings and grammar check; if possible use Grammarly

Russian babesAt other times, it is not really the typos that are the issue but the entire grammatical construct. Well, a typical Russian sexy lady may not really bother because in her mind, she is certain of what she intends to write. However, the guy at the other end who finds reading this difficult will be left to imagine how he can cope with your chat – and that is one less date gone by. Be sure to keep your profile error free

Don’t show off your tough side

Yeah, you may be the tough one, a feminist and all for the girl power thing but don’t let this reflect, even the tiniest bit of it on your profile. Do not mistake this to making yourself timid. No no… you should sound bold but not proud or arrogant. You must find the balance between boldness and humility because they are one of the strongest ingredients you would need to attract any man.

Now you have the secret of what many have searched tirelessly for, what you do with it is yours to decide.