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Dinner on your first Russian dating appointment may not be such a good idea

Why do wise men advise against a dinner appointment on your first date? There are reasons for it and this blog will delve into that. When you are looking forward to Russian dating, remember that not many girls like the idea of going out to dinner before knowing you well. When you date Russian women, make them feel comfortable and not awkward on your first date. They will feel at ease when you ask them out for a sandwich snack and a coffee date. This works out to be far less stressful for both the parties concerned.

date hot RussianSo, why is a first-date dinner not such a good idea with a hot Russian girl? It is because most ladies on a Russian women dating site would feel that the man who asks them out to dinner on the very first date may be a little unusual or too outdated and old-fashioned. They feel that the whole session may be awkward for them and they may have a horrible time if men jump the gun and they have to spend hours and hours with them, without knowing them well. The whole idea is a revolting one for them.charmdate

Here are some strong reasons why you have to avoid taking girls out to dinner on the very first date:

  • First, the idea is an outdated one. People had plenty of time during old-fashioned wooing and courtship. Women were not so outspoken and felt reserved so if their dates wanted them to go out for dinner on the very first appointment, there was nothing much they could do about it. This is certainly not a good start when you start dating with an intention of learning about how to marry a Russian girl. In the olden days, girls were ready for babies even at seventeen; not any more. Dinners always lead to sex sessions with dates and girls are wary about that.Russian girl beautiful
  • Second, if the chemistry is not right in the first meeting, then it would be more awkward for the girl than for the man. Imagine that the woman would be stuck for a whole meal with you. If there is no sexual chemistry at all between you both, you will have to spend hours looking into a void.
  • It is different when you are chatting or going through a video conversation but when you meet for the first time in person with a Russian girl beautiful, you may realise within no time that she is not comfortable with you and considers you a bad match. You are going to find it hard on yourself to come out easily from this kind of a situation. When Russian women seeking men find themselves in such a situation, they will have a tough time during that dinner date and if they do not like what they see or meet with, they are going to keep glancing at the door and would be counting minutes to go back Russian girl
  • When you date hot Russian women and you are taking them out on first date, you have to understand that a meal/dinner is a fitting event when both the partners understand each other and are intimate with each other. You cannot go out and expect to woo potential hot Russian brides from the very first date; so slow down on that dinner appointment and take her out for a drink first or a snack date.
  • When it comes to evaluating Russian girls vs American girls, there is a possibility that an American girl may not feel too uptight about a dinner date in the first meeting whereas a Russian girl would feel highly uncomfortable as the man may not know much about what she would like to eat or drink during a full course meal. It is understandable that universally, girls are bound to feel nervous on their first date and they will certainly not enjoy the meal.  After all, the man would be slightly better off than a stranger to them.