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Do not ask her without reading this – a guide to asking out Colombian Ladies

A lot of Colombian ladies love to date but asking a Latina beauty girl out has to be done in the right way. Of course, in our modern world, there are two ways to ask out single Latin girls. The first is online; you see some Latin women photo gallery and begin swiping. Or you go out and meet some exotic Latin women in person. The truth is that attractive Latina women don’t mind being asked out on dating apps or in person. However, if you’re hoping to secure dates with Latin single ladies then asking them at the right time and with confidence is essential.This article considers some strategies when asking out hot Latin American women.Colombian Ladies,Latina beauty girl,

Timing is everything

Venezuelan, Peruvian and Columbian hot women are obviously in high demand and get a lot of requests from guys. Girls like this will have endless opportunities to date an infinite queue of randy men. So timing is everything. Girls will go through phases. In the relationship phase they will not be accepting dates from other guys so don’t even bother asking. It makes you look desperate and dishonorable. The rebound phase can be a good time to ask but be prepared for emotional fragility. Girls in the rebound phase often feel confused and need to be handled with care. The best phase to ask a girl out in is the ‘single and ready to mingle’ phase. This is when a girl feels happy and confident as an individual. She is excited about meeting new people and enjoying herself. Chances are you’ll be one of several she’ll be dating initially. So you’ll have to show her you care about her happiness the most!

Location, Location, Location

When asking a girl out in person, the location is important. Consider what social situation she is in. For instance, if she’s with all her family out for dinner then it’s probably not a good time to request a date. If you’ve bumped into your crush on the street, this is actually a great time. It lays on a romantic sense of fate playing its part in your meeting. (She doesn’t have to know you’ve been walking up and down the street for the last hour knowing she usually leaves the gym around that time!)

Colombian Ladies,Latin women photo,

Have a plan

As you know, desirable women get asked out a lot so you have to stand out. Think about your crush. If you’re on her dating profile then check out her interests. If she hasn’t shared them or you don’t know then ask her. After that, plan her perfect date. It will certainly make the rejection hurt more but you can take that possibility on the chin and move on to the next girl! However, actually having a plan for your potential date is far more likely to make you succeed. It shows her that you’ve thought about her interests and its important to you that she enjoys herself.

You’ve only got one shot

Adrenaline has the power to make us either nervous or focused. When asking out your crush a lot of adrenaline will rush around your body. Of course it does, it’s a big thing! This is love we’re talking about! So channeling that rush of energy is vital because you rarely get a second chance to ask a girl out. It’s like walking a tightrope, you must remain calm and focussed even though there is so much pressure on falling. You have to project confidence and don’t be afraid of rejection. She is your crush after all so just talking to her should make you happy. Don’t get nervous, get focused!

Colombian Ladies,Latina beauty girl,