Meeting a Colombian woman

Don’t Even Think Of Picking A Latina By These Lines!

Speaking of beautiful Latin women, we may come up with the words like sexy, enthusiastic, hot etc. Although it is easy to make friends with Colombian singles, you should never use these prologues, or you’ll get a brutal experience for sure.

meeting a beautiful girl

“I’ve always liked Spanish girls.”

You think that’s a good beginning? Oh stupid little thing, as long as you have the chance of meeting a beautiful girl, the worst topic to start is to talk about the country they’re from. You don’t know her at all, buddy, you just can’t go that far to speaking of her background. Besides, that you like Spanish girls, is definitely not a smart way to express the crushing. She would think it as obsessed racial kind, sure that she doesn’t feel being praised.

And, you should know that Spanish girls have a total different meaning from Latin single girls! You absolutely knew that Spain is one of the Commonwealth of Nations, right?

“I love a feisty Latina.”

As I said before, Colombian sexy girls are enthusiastic, good at singing and dancing, but not all of them. Should’ve known that there’re still plenty of introverted girls, and they’re shy. Saying something like “I like feisty girls” is totally impolite. You know, you may hurt a girl’s heart!

So, if she’s a shy girl and you start your first date by saying this, she’ll definitely think that, “I’m not what you are looking for, better just end it up here.” Now you understand why it is a bad pick-up line?

“Is it true that your hips don’t lie?”

 Latin single girls

Don’t need me to remind you that judging a girl’s body should not be shown up at the first place. Meeting a Colombian woman at the first time and you peek her hips? If you do so, don’t let her know that! Don’t you feel awkward? Well, if you don’t, girls do. Are you really going to give her a first impression like that? That you’re a wretched man who only cares about girl’s butt?

Bad choice if you do so. My suggestion is that anything has something with, like dirty jokes, you know, should not appear in the first meeting. Don’t think that your dirty funny words are funny, no they’re not, and they make ladies awkward.

“Speak to me in Spanish! So hot!”

Let me be clear: You can act like you’re so interested in Spanish, their language, and it helps making Latin single girls feel relaxed. But, don’t make your interest connect to anything like hot, sexy, or funny.

Just say, “I’m so interested in Spanish, I think it’s beautiful, could you please teach me some words?” Oh, this is a perfect line, and it’s perfect enough, no need add hot or sexy in it. There was a picking up line in a free Colombian dating site, which was very popular, “I think your Spanish accent is so sexy, please talk to me more.” And now girls think it’s unoriginal, lack creativity, and is just plain cheesy.

The present situation is Latin women seeking men who truly know Colombian culture, not men who pretend to know Colombian and like to show off. So if you really want a Latin girlfriend, respect is the great and first commandment.

“Si la belleza fuera pecado, usted no tendria perdon de Dios.”

Dating in Colombia, you know a little about Spanish, you got some love words on Internet, and when you have the chance of meeting a beautiful girl, you think that it’s the best line, beautiful, not cheesy at all.

You are totally wrong! This line, which means, “If beauty were sin, you would not have forgiveness from God”, is that you should never say to a beautiful Latino, for they could be a Christian, or for other reasons.

Your real intention is to praise her beauty and now it comes out like a curse. What a grievance!

So, my last suggestion is that you should never casually quote the lines on Internet, before you understand what it really means. There would always be something unexpected, be aware, and good luck.