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Ensuring Your Russian Dating Messages Are Not Lost In Translation

A successful Russian online dating experience begins with a great profile and quality photo— but also relies on clear communication with your ideal Russian girl. Keep in mind there will be language barriers and certain challenges, some of which are more obvious than others.

Everyone knows that a picture is worth at least a thousand words but clear communication is also very important. Of the countless stunning Russian women that are looking for love online, they vary greatly in their levels of English language skills with many having a good grasp of English and others with very little English knowledge and of course most falling somewhere in the middle.

Russian girlsBe honest with yourself regarding how prepared you are to improve your own Russian language skills and whether or not you have the patience necessary to communicate effectively with a Russian girl with very little English language skills herself. Obviously if you prefer to pursue women with a good grasp of English, that’s quite okay but If you’re prepared to brush up on learning Russian; that’s even better!

It’s a good idea to keep your profile and messages at a relatively simple level so that your words are not lost in translation. You will not impress a cute Russian girl with fancy words and phrases. Reality is she will not get the joke or comprehend your humour; nor will she understand your message at all unless it uses simple words and sentences that are very clear to understand. No ambiguity at all! Never!

Successfully Chat Your Way to Marrying a Russian Woman

Just like any relationship, the key to a successful online Russian dating experience requires making time for each other. More so in fact regarding a long distance relationship between a Western man and Russian woman. This is why it’s imperative that your email and chat correspondence is meaningful, but simple so as to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings due to potential language barriers.

Email is an ideal way to get to know your Russian beauty as many of the ladies looking for love and romance may not be able to log in and chat regularly due to work and/or other commitments.

The lovely ladies will be thrilled to receive your email so ensure it is written well and in a manner that guarantees she will understand and be able to respond accordingly. Follow these great email tips and she’ll be delighted!

Focus on HER but also share a little about yourself in your initial email. It’s best to give genuine compliments, ask relevant questions and to keep your message brief. The idea is to spark her interest and then keep her intrigued and wanting know more about you.Russian dating

Russian girls love romance and good old-fashioned manners— show her your tender side with a romantic poem or a few love song lyrics. Also be courteous in thanking her for her reply— be the gentleman that she will remember and surely want to get to know.

Good grammar is important even if your gorgeous Russian girl has very limited English language skills because clear communication is impressive in any language. Simply use basic words and phrases with proper punctuation including capital letters as well as appropriate commas and full stops. Also use lower case—as a message in all caps is similar to shouting in any language. Just don’t do it!

Ask Open-Ended Questions that require more than a yes or no answer as these encourage conversation. Ask about her hobbies, interests, culture and day to day life.

Many Russian women are looking for a Western husband and you need to give the system a fair chance realising that Russian online dating differs substantially from traditional dating. Russian mail order brides expect to be courted and will want you to build a solid relationship online before meeting you.

Follow our guidelines for a successful Russian dating experience and to increase your chances of finding a sexy Russian girl of your own to love and marry.