Russian women looking for marriage

Exquisiteness with Grace

I the month of March the top four mail order brides are all from Russian and Ukrainian decent. These Russian hot girls are Russian women looking for marriage with highly desirable profiles. These are not the conventional blond Russian girls that come up to your mind when the prospects of Russian dating are open for you, these four  gorgeous ladies  are not only jaw dropping hot but are full of personality and charisma.

Russian hot girls

First off we have Tatiana, a designer from Russia. Her proportions are mind blowing with a height of 5’8” she weights 49 kilograms she is your ideal Russian hot girl when it comes to looks. The beauty is never married before nor has any children; she has studied economics at her university and later decided to become a designer to pursue her dreams. Tatiana’s religious beliefs are in line with orthodox Christianity and the gorgeous lady is fairly good in communicating in English.

This Russian hot girl has had her shares of romantic breakups but she is out to pursue her dreams as a designer and in search of a man for who she is willing to look likes a princess. Tatiana loves being photographed as much as she likes going to the gym and keeping her body in shape, she can been routinely photographed by professionals. This Russian mail order brides pictures will blow your mind as they stand as a testimony of her beauty, youth and fitness.

Russian mail order brides pictures

Second in our list if top four is Lyudmila the 26 year old who is not your typical blond Russian but a stunning Ukrainian. This young lady is a mysterious Gemni who loves riddles. She is looking for her prince charming and has her set of questions ready to seek him out. Lyudmila is 5’7” and weighs 51 kilograms her long brunet hair adds to her charms.

If you are bored of Russian dating try getting in touch with this young mysterious Ukrainian who will make the games of riddle you play worth it once you get them right. This lady has a soft spot for pets, loves to go outdoors  and stays physically fit. Her beauty and charms are accompanied with a well groomed personality that is feed by books as she loves reading. In her pass time Lyudmila loves cooking as well.  A look at her pictures will leave you mesmerized.

Russian dating

Third in line is the raven haired Russian girl. Young in years but wise in her words this Russian women looking for marriage is the ideal girl for someone who is romantic. This artistic Scorpio spends a lot of time in her artistic pursuits which include panting, decorating, and dancing.  This cute and charming young lady is 5’5’’ and weights 53 kilograms rightly complementing her warm and loving personality. Do not be fooled by her youth and adorable smile from the Russian mail order brides pictures lists. She believes she can love but being from the zodiac group of Scorpio she can sting as well. All this girl wants is a sincere kind and loving man who she can start a family with.

blond Russian

Last but not the least in our list the 22 year old Russian women looking for marriage. 5’7” and weighing 55 kilograms she is dazzling lady with style and confidence. Her outlook in life is very positive where is believes in spreading love and positive emotions. This kind hearted young woman dedicates her efforts and time to bring joy and smile to orphan children’s life by getting involved in different programs. She enjoys traveling; reading, cooking, and a nice snuggle with her pet. This pretty lady is in search of a husband who she can call her best friend.

These Russian hot girls are bound to win your heart with their looks and personalities alike.