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First Date Expectations Revealed by Survey: Do European Women Get Intimate on First Dates?

What are first dates expectations of Russian babes? Are European girls open to having sex after a good first date? This survey shows that quite a few of them are!

A recent survey involving more than 1,000 Europeans and Americans revealed how many women are open to a quick intimacy after the first date.

Turns out, European women (42%) tend to be more willing to consider sleeping with their date after their first meeting than American women (37%).

This is good news for guys looking to get laid with Russian beautiful sexy girls on first date as Russian single ladies are also European, you might think.

But in Russian dating women behave differently compared to European women, as there are stark cultural and social differences between Russian babes and other European women.

Russian datingHow to Get Laid With Russian Single Ladies On First Date?

A major survey of beautiful ladies from Russia has previously revealed that only a little more than 10% of Russian single ladies don’t mind jumping into the bed of their date after the first date.

However, here’s where it gets tricky, as these 10% of women straightforwardly said that having sex on the first date is “acceptable.”

There were also nearly 30% of the undecided ones, who said they’d consider getting intimate after the first date, but only “if people had known each other for some time.”

Meaning: online dating Russian women can substantially (like x3 times) raise your chances of getting intimate with Russian babes on the first date if you two have chatted for quite some time prior to meeting in person.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of men (76%) – both European and American – said they wouldn’t mind ending the first date between the beautiful Russian girls

How Do Women Behave When a First Date Goes WRONG?

But it takes it much more than just asking beautiful Russia girls out on a first date to make them consider having sex with you.

Any first date can go wrong, and instead of wondering, “Why not have sex with him tonight?” your date will be asking herself the following question, “How do I leave this place out the back door without even saying goodbye?”

In fact, the survey showed that only 2% of both European and American women would consider this an option if the first date goes badly.

Most European and American ladies, 32% and 53% respectively, answered they would rather “stick it out but leave as soon as the date is over.”

Interestingly though, the same number of European girls (32%) also said they would make an excuse to leave early to ditch their date that failed to impress them on the first date.

Here’s How You Score a Second Date, According to Women

Russian beautiful sexy girlsIn order to prevent the girl from even thinking about making excuses to ditch the first date, the survey found top 5 behavior traits in men that make women go, “Okay, I will totally go with him on a second date!”

Women ranked them in this particular order: having a great sense of humor (84%), being genuinely interested in her views (77%), being genuinely interested in her personal life (76%), being genuinely interested in her work (70%) and being on time (61%) are crucial factors that increase men’s chances for date 2.0.

You might want to arm yourself with these tips to the teeth if you want to meet beautiful Russian girls and not make a fool out of yourself on the first date.

In What Places Are Women Looking for Love?

Both European and American women unanimously agreed that they are more likely to date a friend or someone they have been out of touch with for a while than the person they’ve just met and were offered a spontaneous date.

While that means a decreasing number of women are excited about the idea of having spontaneous dates with men they meet on the streets, here’s a quick guide on how you can take advantage of the survey’s findings.

Browse through pictures of Russian ladies on an online dating website and pick the one that appeals to you the most. Chat with her. In fact, chat with her for hours, days, weeks.

Become friends with her. Ask her out. PROFIT!! Even if you disappear and then decide to reconnect with that girl, you’ll still have solid chances of dating her!