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Gender Differences in Communication: Russian Girls vs Men

If you are looking for Russian girls, learning more about gender differences in communication is a good place to start. You may have noticed those communication differences when chatting with pretty Russian girls, but it’s true what they say: men and women are different. And gender differences in communication is, indeed, a real thing.

In fact, it’s not just sexy Russian women who have distinct communication traits – it goes well beyond race, skin color, nationality or place of birth. It’s something that women and men are naturally born with.

Does it mean that one gender is better than the other?

It’s been proven time and time again that women and men are like two opposite worlds when it comes to verbal speaking, body language, communicating, listening, expressing emotions or empathy, and even processing information!

European womenAnd if you’ve ever dated a hot Russian blonde or brunette, you probably have a first-hand experience with those gender differences in communication, which manifest themselves more prominently in arguments and verbal fights between the two opposite sexes.

But just because those difference in communication exist doesn’t make one gender better than the other. In fact, there are both good and bad differences, and we’re about to explore them.

Good communication traits of women:Ukraine ladies

  1. Great listening skills. When Russian or European women listen, they pick up even the smallest details, they aren’t selective or picky when it comes to listening, they tend to remember most of the information that is being told, whether it’s relevant or irrelevant. And most importantly, they don’t hide their emotions while listening, which reassures their partner that he or she is being listened to.
  2. Display of empathy. When it comes to gender differences in communication, it’s pretty obvious that women are more empathetic than men. However, it doesn’t mean that men are heartless – it simply means that Russian and Ukraine ladies tend to show empathy and emotions, while men display empathy very rarely.
  3. Eye contact. While this may be irrelevant to you if you’re hoping to meet Russian women on online dating websites, women actually use more eye contact than men. It may sound surprising, but women have a greater ability to use direct eye contact in order to establish an emotional connection and build a bond. By contrast, men mostly use eye contact to either assert their dominance or make a statement (which doesn’t necessarily make them good at communicating with other people).
  4. Facial expressions. If you watch Russian girls speak even for a few minutes, you may notice that women use more facial expressions than men. This helps them to not only express their own emotions (which they do better than men, again) and build trust, but also to be able to read other people’s emotions.
  5. Ability to read body language. Women seem to be naturally good at reading body language and picking up nonverbal cues, which is largely thanks to their ability to be attentive listeners.
  6. Ability to process information. When processing information, women usually react and make decisions out loud, which lets their communication partner know that they have been heard. Men, on the other hand, process information internally (a no-reaction response may be interpreted by a man’s communication partner as ignoring or indifference, but in reality men “react” internally and process what has been said).

Bad communication traits of women:

  1. Overly emotional or empathetic. While this is not something you will notice when chatting with pretty Russian girls on the most popular dating sites, it is something that will surely not go unnoticed during a face-to-face interaction. While showing your emotions is not necessarily a bad thing, being overly emotional or empathetic can cloud your judgment and clear thinking.
  2. Inability to get straight to the point. When women talk, they tend to explain every tiny detail before getting to the point. And this can be a major disadvantage if you are trying to understand each other in a romantic Russian women

Good communication traits of men:

  1. Ability to make a statement through touch. One of the biggest gender differences in communication between men and women is that men decide how to develop their relationship or assert dominance through touch (think: shaking hands, tap on the shoulder, patting the back, etc.). Women, meanwhile, rarely touch strangers to break the ice, and mostly touch their partners either to connect or support them.
  2. To-the-point interactions. Men don’t like to dance around the issue when discussing it; they get right to the point. And when they do, they are more brief and concise in their descriptions.
  3. Focus on task at hand. As opposed to women, men focus more on getting the task done rather than trying to build a relationship with others to complete a task through communication (like women do).

Bad communication traits of men

  1. Overly direct and blunt. Being to direct and getting straight to the point without the “emotional foreplay” and without establishing an emotional connection can sometimes come off as rude.
  2. Indifferent to reactions. Since men are not as great at listening as women and they cannot read emotions and body language as good as women can, it makes them insensitive to their partner’s reactions. Women are able to adjust communication depending on their partner’s behavior or behavior, whereas men are more insensitive in this regard.

Too confident in their opinion. While being confident is certainly a good thing, being too confident in your opinion and disregarding the opinions of others can be a major disadvantage, especially in romantic relationships with the opposite a Russian girl,