Ghosting, Haunting, FBO: Keep Up With the Latest 12 Dating Terms while dating Russian Women

Ghosting, haunting, zombieing… dating Russian women sounds like a horror movie nowadays, while acronyms such as FBO, DTR and DTF make dating seem like reading a medical diagnosis (it’s confusing AF).

Just when you’ve figured out what ‘sexting’ and ‘dick pics’ mean, the dating world and millennials have come up with a plethora of new dating terms that have made dating a lot more complicated.

We’ve put together a dating terminology guide to help you understand the 2017 relationship jargon (and not feel like a complete idiot when any of the terms come up in a conversation or online chat).


Russian girls looking for youIt’s not about getting cozy with Russian babes on cushy pillows (unfortunately). If you’re trying to find a Russian wife online, be warned that she may be cushioning you.

Cushioning refers to when someone keeps you around to boost their ego and keep you as a backup option in case their current relationship comes to an end. So you’re basically there to “cushion” the breakup blow.


If you thought ghosting was making spooky sounds at home to scare your loved one, you’re wrong. Although the term has emerged only recently, the act of ghosting has been around for quite a while now.

Ghosting refers to when your romantic partner suddenly disappears from your life and cuts all communication without explanation.

Ghosting can happen to anyone, even to married couples. However, most of the times it happens to people that barely know each other and started hanging out not long ago.


Haunting refers to when the person that ghosted you decides to reemerge in your life, but does it in a very subtle way. Meaning: Russian and Ukrainian brides that haunt you won’t engage in direct contact; instead, they will like or follow you on social media every once in a while.

Note: this term only applies when someone reappears after an act of ghosting.


This gets spookier and spookier. What next? Vampiring? Skeletoning?

While zombieing can be easily confused with the act of haunting, the term actually refers to when someone – after ghosting – reappears in your life and acts as if nothing happened.

The act of zombieing in dating is reminiscent of a dead person coming back to life (which explains the name).

Slow fade

Russian girls hereSlow fade is basically a form of ghosting that progresses over time.

Meaning: let’s imaging that you meet Russian women on the best Russian dating site and you start chatting for weeks on end, emotionally connecting and falling for one another. But then all of a sudden that Russian girl is starting to gradually cut you off from her life.

Thirst trap

You may have been accused of thirst trapping in comments under your Instagram photos, but you always wondered if that’s a good or bad thing.

Thirst trap is a commonly used technique by Russian girls here in Russia and in other countries. The term basically refers to when someone posts a photo on social media or online dating website to make followers sexually ‘thirsty’ (hence the term).

Such photos – which are most of the times racy and X-rated – are intended to satisfy the poster’s ego with the help of all the attention.

Cuffing season

If you started looking for hot mail order Russian brides on the best Russian dating site when days got colder, you may be guilty of cuffing season.

The term refers to when someone starts looking for a committed relationship during winter months (even fans of casual dating do it).

Take a hint: if you want to marry Russian girl online but all beautiful Russian babes seem to be taken, winter months is the golden opportunity to go seek Russian women online.

In Russia, days get colder in November (and sometimes even in October), which is when Russian girls looking for you on online dating websites.


In the world of social media, relationship statuses are a big deal. When couples change their relationship status on Facebook, they become FBO (Facebook Official), making their romance official and fending off unnecessary attention from lovers.

hot mail order Russian bridesDTR

Don’t confuse this one with DTF (down to f*ck), which you have probably encountered online once or twice.

DTR refers to when you and your partner have that conversation. That conversation is the chat about where your relationship is going (define the relationship). Meaning: the DTR chat could lead to a breakup just as much as it could lead to marriage (be careful with those).


The dating term that refers to when Russian women refuse to meet you in person and prefer to communicate over texting, phone, online dating website chats and social media.

The act of benching (when you’re being kept on the bench while the other person makes up their mind) should sound alarm bells, as it may mean that the other person is dating other people while keeping you on the bench.

If you’re sitting on that bench while in a committed relationship, you might as well be sitting on cushy pillows (read what Cushioning means above).


Bread-crumbing can be a huge waste of time when it comes to dating. Basically, what it means is stringing someone along with romantic gestures in small doses (bread crumbs).

Those bread crumbs mean showing romantic gestures or even engaging in conversation every once in a while, but avoiding contact for the most part. This may be happening either because that person is President of the United States (and they are so busy they literally have no time for you) or because they are stringing you along while having sex with other people (which is the case 99% of the time).


If you’ve been dating for a while but you never met his/her family or friends, your partner may be stashing you (hiding you away from their family or friends for whatever reason).charmdate