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Girls Reveal the “Nice Guy” Lines They Hate

You think that all girls want a nice guy but do you know that a nice guy is not someone who only knows saying nice words? There’re plenty of “nice” words which seems so sweet, however, in fact, they’re excuses that keep yourself from troubles, and you knew it.

Few days ago, I got the chance to interview hot girls from Colombia, unluckily for boys, girls now can read true meaning of crocodile tears.

Here’s what I got from those beautiful Latin girls: the worst “nice” lines that men use to run away from responsibilities.

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“Sorry, I don’t deserve you.”

Girls think that this is the most frequently used line to break up. Half of men saying this because they really think that way, and other half just want to break up with you, and they feel shamed to tell you it is because of another woman.

OK, let us figure out this sentence carefully. Does a man really think that he doesn’t deserve a girl? I have to say, tiny minority of them are self-haters type, but others, just don’t have the courage to improve themselves.

You’ll find Latin women dislike this kind of men, less of self-confidence, no ambition, and no motivation. Latinos are like fire, they love a dashing man.

Sexy Latin singles

For rest of those, who cheated in the relationship, and took this line as an excuse, to break up with her? Okay, if she doesn’t know what he did, I think this way is better than telling her the truth (I banged another woman and she’s way hotter than you…) But if she already knew that you’re a jerk, well, you better just admit it. At least you can have a decent break-up.

“I’m just not ready to get in a relationship.”

If you chat with single women on social platform, and after chatting like, 3 months, you find that she’s not the one you’re looking for, in this care, you better just tell her the truth.

You have a bone in the throat, you feel hard to speak out that she’s not your type, that you’re sorry for wasting her time. Well, actually, she get it. And it is extenuating. So, why don’t you tell her that? That after knowing her, you think that you can be friends, and it’s better than being couples. Everyone has a choice.

But if you say, “I really like you, I’m just not ready for a relationship”, you are a liar. If you like her, why can’t you be with her? Why can’t you be in a relationship? You’re a military spy and you can’t be together, or you’re a superhero that being with you is being in danger?

Single Colombian ladies have a common view that love means being together. If you don’t like her, just let her know directly, and she absolutely would not blame you for that.

“I don’t want to hold you back.”

Seems like a caring line but to put it bluntly, this is shifting responsibility. Possibly it happens when the girl is going to take her business to the next level, and lack of time accompany. Then the man has this line, maybe trying to avoid something. Sexy Latin singles hate this line, because a proper man shouldn’t say that when everything has been so hard. This is the time girls need encouragement from you, this is the time they need your company.

When you say this, you are holding her back. If you really want to help her, you don’t have to say anything. Remember, all she wants is to have you on her side.

“Let’s not get emotional.”

Girls told me that they don’t want to hear this from their boyfriend either. I was confused at first, but later I understood that why girls hate this line in a fight.

Girls are emotional, Latin women singles are not exception of course. However, talk like this in a fight to calm your girl down? Well, if you want to burn her up, you can try this line. Or, you better not mention the word “emotional”.

You are saying this because you don’t think that you did anything wrong before, so why is she so furious? No, she freaked out because you acted wrong, not because you’re going to act like everything’s fine.

“Is this about your ex?”

The biggest taboo of Colombian ladies dating is bringing up her ex, especially when you two are quarreling.

Why do you get yourself in trouble? If you say this, you think that you didn’t make any mistake, and you think that it wasn’t about you, because you’re so nice that it’s definitely the girl’s fault!

See, how bad you are if you said this to a girl.

People trying to use many nice words to gloss over their faults, sometimes it can be understood, but when you’re truly in a serious relationship, I suggest that being honest and sincere is better than saying “nice” words.

I mean it, really, correct your behavior before meeting a beautiful woman.