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Helpful tips to understand what women’s words

It is hard to please gorgeous Latin women if you do not understand what they are saying. Women are mostly guilty of not being able to express their inner feelings properly with words which leave men unsure of the next action to take.

Real Colombian women appear to be complex – when in the real sense they are not – because they quickly assume that their man should already know their wants and need without knowing that the guys are finding it hard to crack. At other times, women do not actually know what they want and would turn to you for help but their approach may make the man to continue searching for solution when they are supposed to be rendering the desired help.

Real Colombian womenColombian women are beautiful and a man who has a beautiful girlfriend would go to any extent to make her happy. The fear of losing the Latin beautiful lady adds to the man’s anxiety. However, women would always mask what they want with subtle clues – even when they, for reasons best known to them, refuse to voice it out.

If you are dating Colombian girls online, you should pay good attention to her when she talks about the way others treat or have treated her. Unlike men that would come out directly to say the things that they do not want, gorgeous Latin women will like to talk about the problem indirectly and expect you to catch the drift – if you are smart enough.

You will often find beautiful girls asking if what they are wearing looks nice or ask if something they see on the way looks beautiful. There are two sides to this question but most men will see it as plain as it is. Anyone that puts on nice attire would know that what they are putting on is nice. If she asks for your opinion on what she is wearing, she is indirectly telling you to compliment her – and you should. On the other hand, if she points at something and tells you it is beautiful or asks if you like it – when you obviously know that she doesn’t have it, then, she is trying to tell you that she will appreciate it if you get her one.

When a woman begins her sentence with ‘I feel’, have it at the back of your mind that she has not reached a decision. Latin women seeking American men will use these words very often in accessing the American men. When a woman says ‘I feel’, she is probably in a dilemma and seeking for your opinion. You should be careful about what you say in such a situation because it would definitely have a huge effect on her next line of action.

Latin beautifulAnother very important phrase women use when they are frustrated about something is ‘I am sick of…’ When you hear those words, try to assist her in doing that which she is sick of doing. It will go a long way in restoring smile to her face and is a better approach than trying to console her.

Women also need constant reassurance which is why they will often tell you that they are afraid something bad would happen in your relationship or something else. Instead of rebuking her at such instances, give her reassuring words.

The use of body language is another important way Colombian hot girls express themselves. A lady can get angry at you and you will be wondering why without knowing that your body language has done the damage. For example, if a lady is talking to you and you are doing something else, she will automatically get the message and get upset – women are better at understanding body language than men.