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Hey, Good News: You Don’t Need a Six-Pack to Meet Colombian Women (Your Dad Bod Will Do Just Fine!)

New studies suggest that having a six-pack is not the ultimate way to meet Columbian women. In fact, obsessing over your body may actually ruin your chances with single girl date.

Okay, stop doing those crunches and push-ups, and listen to this for a second (and stop chewing on that low-fat protein bar of yours while you’re at it!).

A series of new studies suggest that having a “dad bod” may actually be perceived more attractive by stunning girls than having a strong physique (aka six-pack with low percentage of body fat).

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If you’re wondering what’s a “dad bod,” trying to understand why would Columbian singles go crazy for your father’s body type all of a sudden, a dad bod is referred to dudes who are fit, but not overly fit (meaning: they have a little bit of fat cushioning on their frame).

But don’t be so quick to cancel your gym membership and start stuffing your face with French fries, thinking, “Oh, so women seek chubby guys now? Great!” In reality, the studies cannot be summarized in black and white.

Muscular vs dad bod: which one gets the ladies?

The most recent study seems to suggest quite the opposite, that women actually prefer stronger men to unfit men. But if you’re currently rocking a dad bod, you may actually “fit” into that “fit men” category (get it?).

The study found a direct correlation between men’s strength and their attractiveness in the eyes of women. Females in their teens and early 20s were asked to look at shirtless and sleeveless photos of college-aged male students, and assess their strength and level of attractiveness.

It must be noted that the participants’ faces in the photos were blurred. As for the level of muscularity, females were pretty good at determining men’s fitness level.

As for men’s attractiveness, the findings are quite ambiguous. While the study found that women were more attracted to muscular men, there are a few problem with the findings.

First of all, the study involved only a very specific group of both females (assessors) and males (participants), as they were all college-aged students.

Second of all, none of the “strong men” in the study had “exaggerated proportions,” neither did they have a physique that looks as if it was carved out of marble (and that it, of course, the ultimate six-pack ideal).

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So it’s fair to say that in many cases, women were pretty much ranking men with “dad bods” as muscular men, and therefore, as more attractive.

Meaning: if you have a dad body – and also look stronger than an average male – you have higher chances of striking that Latin love chat on Colombian dating sites free.

Numerous benefits of having a ‘dad bod’, other studies say

Other studies seem to back up the notion that women are swooning over “dad bods” (like they did swoon over six-packs a few years ago).

A study published earlier in 2017 found that 7 out of 10 women said they were more attracted to males that had that extra cushioning around their bones and muscles (but no more than 20 pounds of additional weight).

If you aren’t convinced to date Colombian without having that six-pack yet, listen to this: another, smaller study found that women ranked their long-term partners – who aren’t necessarily ripped and shredded – as “more trustworthy and romantic than their one-nightstands or brief affairs.” Meanwhile, they would more likely to have short-term relationships with “muscular men.”

If you’re looking for Colombian brides marriage or to meet Columbian women for long-term dating, having a six-pack and massive V-taper may not be as important as you think it is.

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