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How To Be Persistent In Ukrainian Women Dating: We Surveyed Women To Figure It Out

First and foremost, you don’t necessarily need to be handsome, muscular or a multi-millionaire (or all of the above) to be successful with Ukrainian women dating.

If you ask Ukrainian women to share tips on dating women Ukraine or Russia, the vast majority of them will tell you that being persistent is key to picking up beautiful Ukrainian girls.

“What does it even mean ‘to be persistent’?” you may be wondering. To make it clear, being persistent doesn’t mean stalking Russian ladies for marriage or peeking through their windows to “get to know them better.” To answer this question, we surveyed real Russian women on the streets to find out how Russian and Ukrainian girls really want to be approached by foreign men and when men cross the line with their unwanted persistence.Ukrainian women

Sometimes, a ‘no’ means ‘yes’

“If you know how to meet Russian women, you probably know that sometimes, when picking up girls, a “no” means “yes,” and a “yes” means “no” (though this rule varies from one girl to another and depends on the circumstances of when a girl says “yes” or “no”),” says Kristina, 28. “This happened to me just last week: a handsome man approached me in a café, but I showed lack of interest because I was trying to play hard to get. When he asked my phone number, I said “I won’t give it to you” as an invitation to develop this conversation into something more meaningful, but he didn’t get it so he just walked away. It’s a shame because I would definitely go out with him despite saying no to him; if only he was more persistent!”

Be more creative on online dating sites

“Whenever I go on chat Ukraine free on online dating sites, men keep sending me those standard and primitive messages such as “Hi” or “Hello beautiful.” I mean, do you really expect it to work? I get tons of those messages every single day, so if you want to make yours stand out from the crowd, be more persistent and go the extra mile to get a girl’s attention in the chatroom. So yeah, make sure you send personalized messages based on what you saw or read on a girl’s online dating profile,” advises Marina, 21.

Persistence has nothing to do with your money

“Unfortunately, many foreigners don’t understand what it actually means to be persistent, and mistake it for showing off or trying to “buy” Ukrainian women with expensive gifts,” says Katerina, 29. “Being persistent doesn’t mean offering a girl money in exchange for her attention or spending time with her. Being persistent means knowing how to overcome rejection and knowing how to impress a girl even when she isn’t easily impressed.”

Do those stupid pickup lines ever work?

“Most men don’t realize that those stupid pickup lines only make matters worse,” complains Svetlana, 24. “A few days ago, I went on Russian roulette video chat, and men kept showering me with those pickup lines they read somewhere on the Internet. The problem is that (1) none of them work, (2) they make you appear less intelligent, and (3) they make us – Ukrainian women – think to ourselves whenever we hear a man use a pickup line, “Will he actually put an effort into this conversation or a cheesy pickup line is the only thing he’s got?”

What about persistent married men?

“Not long ago, a guy kept messaging me on a Russian online dating website and desperately wanted to meet with me,” says Ksenia, 26. “He was sweet and all that, but the only problem was that he was married. I mean, I do appreciate him being so persistent despite being married to another women, but this also made me think that if I say “yes,” a few years from now, I could end up in the same situation as his current wife.”

Foreign men who know how to marry a Russian woman know that persistence can get them a long way, as it pleases any woman to feel so desired and wanted that a guy won’t give up his attempts to pick her up.