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How to conquer you’re the limitations of being a short man when dating

If you are less than five feet you will definitely face serious setbacks and discrimination when it comes to dating – face it, the hustle is real. Many of the Russian sexy girls out there prefer their men to be at least six feet. Let this not intimidate you into locking up your emotions. Irrespective of your height, you can still get a tall Russian woman if you play by the rules.

Russian sexy girlsAccording to a recent study, women have evolved to have an attraction for tall men – something that cannot be explained logically. A few women, on the other hand, are looking at giving their children a head start in terms of height but believe it or not, there are proven scientific benefits that come with being on the low side. However, there are ways you can make yourself appear a taller than your real height.

Your choice of clothes can make or mar you

Clothes that fold up around the wrist and ankle will draw attention to your height – and you have to avoid them. Also, clothes that break up your frame will highlight your small stature and instead of that, you should go for a streamlined look. If you must use a belt, keep it loose. Another important tip to keep in mind is to go for monochromatic clothes because they will appear as if they are streamlined.

Your confidence can make you taller

It is best not to worry about the things that you cannot easily change like that of height. Instead, when you are hunting for the most beautiful women in Russia you need to build your confidence. If you lack confidence, if will affect the way you speak and act and will definitely make things worse for you. Negative assumptions like concluding she will not like you because of your height will make you feel insecure which can easily turn her off.

Grab her attention with eye contact and body language

Are Russian hot girls selective? Definitely! But they are also intelligent and human which means they understand all the dating and flirting signs that are commonly used by men and one of them is eye contact. A tall guy’s piercing stay can be menacing to a Russian lady but short guys will easily get away because their height will make them less hostile. Using the right amount of body language and eye contact will sway her interest and once a woman is interested in you, her judgment becomes biased.

Online dating can provide the needed solace

Are Russian hot girlsOnline dating can be the safest place where a short guy would date without fear of intimidation or rejection. All they need to do is search for hot Russian photos and begin to initiate a chat – and the woman may not remember to talk about the height. However, if you are into online dating with the intention of building something more with your partner, you need not lie about your height or your dishonesty would turn her off when you finally get to meet her. You can play on the safe side by leaving your height in feet alone (instead of 5.1” you simply say 5). Avoid using profile pictures that will show your entire being.

On a final note, shorter men have the advantage when it comes to communication because every sexy Russian girl – and probably every other girl in the world – like it when their men are staring in their eyes while they are talking. It sort of shows them that you are listening. This head-on conversation will feel more relaxed between a short guy and a lady because she will feel less intimidated by his height.