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How to Flirt with Beautiful Russian Women to Get Her to Like You Back

If you have ever seen how beautiful Russian women are, you know that if you are in a relationship with one you want to keep her. How then do you flirt with the more dominant Russian women of the USSR to get them to like you?Russian wives

Rule Number One

It does not matter how gorgeous Russian women are, you can’t compliment them enough and especially about how young they look. Even the most beautiful women desire to be told how youthful their appearance is; this is part of their culture, so this is the safest way for Westerners to flirt with the Russian ladies, but beyond that you need some other safe flirting techniques to warm the heart of Russian girls.

One of the best ways to practice flirting with Russian women is through one of the best Russian dating website and start speaking with Russian ladies in one of the chat Russian rooms. These chat rooms are designed to help navigate conversations between you and Russian girls on some sites. hot Russian girls

Things You Can Say Online or E-Mail

When speaking to hot Russian girls, it can be even more difficult to interpret their emotions than even the average person because at first Russian people are very guarded. Also, unless you are video chatting, you may not be able to read each other’s facial expressions. However, there are things you can ask her to show you are interested in her and will have her opening up to you and trusting you. The more she opens up, the more personal and flirtier the questions can become. Start with the following:

  1. Ask what she did that day? What is different than how. What she did requires description of day as opposed to a one-word answer of “fine”. It shows you want to know the little aspects of her life.
  2. Compliment her looks and personality trait.“Oh, so your pretty and witty! You’re the total package.” Show that you are reading what she is writing and looking beyond the pictures.
  3. (and when you are ready) What is your idea of your favorite date? And what time should I pick you up? She will love your thoughtfulness, humor and confidence; a surefire winner for even the prettiest Russian women to be persuaded.

Things you can say in person

prettiest Russian women

If you are meeting Russian women in person or perhaps a Russian girl from the Americans, there are ways to flirt in person that are not creepy and will also get her to like you more. Some topics you can try upon meeting your Russian beauty are:

  1. Tell them“You have beautiful name the color” Really compliment and be sincere about her eyes. It is a safe compliment and all women love to hear it. Also, in many parts of Russia it is uncustomary to smile, so it would be out of place to compliment a smile.
  2. Ask them if you can help them fend off all their other suitors that weekend. This statement shows your humor, your intent, is flirty, and tells your future Russian wives you realize how desirable she is to others.
  3. Open Honesty: If you feel a real connection with a Russian girl or one of the Russian ladies online, don’t be afraid to make a serious move and be direct and keep it simple and classy. Saying something like this, “I think we would be great together, let’s see where this goes. What do you think?”

Russian women appreciate confidence and persistence without being creepy and perverted. By using these casual but sincere conversational tools you will show your Russian love matches you know how to flirt and take dating them seriously.