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How to Get Someone to Open Up to You So You Can Really Connect

We all have things we’d like to keep to ourselves. But when you get into a relationship, it’s vital to open up to your loved one and trust them with your fears, traumas or demons from the past.

We are all wired differently. Many of us are just very private in general. And for many of us, opening up to someone is a scary experience.

If you happen to be dating a hot Russian girl and you can’t get her to connect with you on a deep, emotional level, know this: you do have a problem.

But don’t freak out: you aren’t dating some kind of an alien. We – humans – are all vulnerable creatures and we tend to keep intimate things to ourselves.lovely Russian girls

In fact, it’s a double-trouble if you’re dating a hot girl from Russia, as lovely Russian girls are even more likely to shut down compared to other girls.

You may have heard that humbleness is one of the reasons to date a Russian girl, but that’s where being humble creates certain problems.

Why Getting Your Loved One to Open Up is Crucial

Why not just let my partner keep his/her deep issues to himself/herself?” you may ask.

While that’s a sensible question, especially if you’re afraid of scaring your significant other off by being too invasive and annoying, you must understand that getting your partner to open up is crucial.

If you get a wife from Russia and she refuses to talk to you about her fears, traumas or past, you will not be able to build a deep connection with her.

Having that deep-solid connection between you is vital to live in harmony and understand each other on a cellular level.

After all, if you’re marrying someone, you’re becoming one element that must function in an orchestrated manner.

Keep in mind that whatever you do to get your hot Russian girl to open up to you, be patient and don’t be pushy. It’s a highly sensitive matter.

Don’t Push Itbeautiful Russian ladies photos

People are like turtles: the more you poke your sticks at it, the deeper they get into their shells to hide from you.

The same happens with the Russian girls when you’re forcing them to open up to you. Pouring your soul to someone else is not a job interview, nor is it an interrogation.

Be a good listener and let the conversation happen naturally and smoothly.

Be a Role Model

If you haven’t opened up yourself, you can’t expect your partner to do it first, especially when they are less talkative and more private than you are.

Give your significant other an example and show them how it’s done. There’s a good chance that your partner will open up to you right after you finish sharing your deep emotions.

Whenever you look at beautiful Russian ladies photos, you see how beautiful and confident they seem. But underneath all that external beauty and confidence, there are shy and vulnerable creatures inside.

Don’t be Fake

If you’re not genuine with someone and you tell lies about yourself or your past, your partner can sense it in 90% of the cases, especially when they’ve known you for a while.

No one in their right mind would want to share their deepest thoughts with someone who is dishonest or fake. People tend to open up to those who are real and genuine.

Make Them Feel Comfortable

hot girl from RussiaWhen you know it’s time for ‘that’ conversation, make your partner feel comfortable and safe.

Don’t expect your loved one to open up to you in a room full of strangers and with bright lights blinding his/her eyes.

Instead, think of a very private and safe environment. Only you and him/her. There shouldn’t be any noise either, as you don’t want anything to be interrupting your intimate conversation.

Also, make sure the room is dark enough. Many people tend to be more comfortable pouring their soul out when it’s dark, as it allows them to hide their tears.

Show Empathy

If you’ve been into Russian dating for a while, you probably learned by now that lovely Russian girls fear to be judged by other people.

That’s why you must show maximum empathy when you listen to your partner. Even if your partner has done something you morally oppose, make them feel comfortable to keep telling their story and opening up to you.

Otherwise, you may inflict even more trauma on that person.

Listen, Listen, and Again… Listen

It’s easy to pick a picture of Russian girls online and listen to a strange girl talk about her things for hours.

But are you really listening? When someone is opening up to you, you should have no doubt in your listening skills.

Not everyone is naturally gifted with the art of listening. The thing is, most of us tend to be so preoccupied with our own business that we ignore about half of what comes out of other people’s mouths.

Unfortunately, some people are even bad listeners to their significant others. If you’re one of those people, you’ll most certainly fail any attempts to try to get your partner to open up to you.

The thing is, when we notice that you’re not listening when we tell you something that MATTERS to us, we tend to shut down even further.