How to know if a girl enjoyed her date with you

Women will never be able to understand how much worry greets a man after a date with them. When foreign men meet beautiful Russian women and take them out on a date, they are always skeptical in the end if the girl enjoyed the date, if you observe carefully, you will discover that most men are very nervous on their first date.

Dating Russian women can even be trickier for foreign men because these ladies may not show any facial expression that is suggestive that they have enjoyed the date or not. If you have been plagued by this uncertainty, this post is for you. After going through, you can easily decipher if she enjoyed the date or not.

1. Look for sublime moments of smile

russian-beautiful-girlWhen dating Russian brides and maybe you take her to a restaurant to eat, have a cup of coffee or just spend quality time, be on the lookout for sublime moments of smiles. You can obviously make her laugh if you are funny but the moments when her joy is revealed is not when she is baring her teeth but when she arcs her lips in a smile even when you have not said anything funny. You don’t need a suits sawyer to tell you that your Russian girl, beautiful or not, fancies you.

2. When she is the one that chat you up

It has become almost like a tradition for girls on Russian dating sites to let men be the ones to send them the first message every day; that is how difficult and tricky Russian dating can be. When this trend has been reversed and she is the one trying to contact you, she calls or texts you after both of you just parted from a restaurant or bar, it is obvious she is enjoying or enjoyed the date.

3. She is bombarding you with pictures

Men who have used Russian ladies dating sites have confessed that one thing they have found very difficult is getting these ladies to send them their pictures, particularly private pictures. If she begins to fill your inbox with these priced pictures, then you should count yourself lucky. Instead of looking at her as cheap, think of her as falling head over heels for you. At that point, you will need only a little more effort to get her to Russian mail order brides if you so wish to make her your bride.

4. She uses romantic names for you

dating-russian-womenRussian women love to act tough – even though deep down is a kind of softness that stands them out. It is almost out of place for a Russian lady to use romantic names for her man. If you have dated any Russian beautiful girl in the past then you will relate with this a lot. When a Russian girl goes out of her place to address you with romantic names, then she is more than enjoying your date and you should continue doing whatever you have been doing to her because it is definitely working.

In as much as Russian women do not always show their joy publicly especially when it relates to something like dating, there are times when they are overwhelmed by the man’s affection that they will show off their joy impulsively. This is the point every man – especially foreigners – who is dating or intends to date a Russian woman should aim to get. When you arrive at that point, you will not have any need to ask if she enjoyed her date because you will see it.