How to Know If She Is Interested In You

The best feeling a man can have when he is hitting on a lady is to know that the lady is interested in him too. They say that the best way to feel love is to be loved back. To have this feeling, you need ensure that the lady you are interested in is into you too and she is not just flirting with you.

Vanessa van Edwards, a body language expert advises men that the best way to know if the gorgeous European women out there are interested in you is by studying their body language. Vanessa states that 55% of a lady’s talk is non-verbal- this is where to look when engaging with women seeking men. Let’s look at some of the ways to know she is into you while meeting singles.

Womenseeking men

  • Eye Contact

Ever run into women seeking men? When a lady is interested in you, she will steal an occasional glance that you won’t fail to notice. She will glance at you, then break the glance, then glance at you again. Alternatively, you could meet Colombian singles who will have a prolonged glance at you as a sign of interest.

  • She Enjoys Talking To You

When women search men, they tend to enjoy speaking to them. You will find this one beautiful lady who keeps on talking to you now and again. She passes at your desk now and again to say hello. Man, don’t waste the chance.

  • She Texts you First

Most women think ahead before texting or calling a guy. When she calls or texts you first, it’s because she wants to initiate communication. Only women interested in you will womenchat you.

  • She Touches You

Another big sign that she is into you is when she touches you. Getting physical with you is a clear indication of interest. Womenseeking men will do anything to get their intentions known.

  • She Brands You a Stranger

Has your crush labeled you a stranger? Man, don’t shy away. She is actually telling you that she wants to know more about you. Before you start dating Bogota women, they need to know who you are. She wants to be close to someone she knows.

  • Sharing the Self

Another sign to know womenlookingformen are really interested in by sharing their self. When a lady opens her heart to you and speaks about her life, her past, her plans, her likes and dislikes and the like, know that she is really interested in you. Otherwise, she can’t tell just anyone about herself.

Now you know what to look out for from a lady. Don’t hesitate, when you see any of these signs know that she is in for it. Many ladies out there will not come clean and confess their interest in you until you do it first. They wait for you to move first; read and understand her, and then confess your affection towards her…the rest, as they say, is history.