Colombian single ladies

How to make her want you more

Men are very visual. When men see beautiful Latin babes they can’t take eyes off and start to want more. However single women in colombia usually play hard to get and turn cold when they feel that men are too clingy. Being too clingy is not as good as you may think. We all think that intimacy is a good thing. Yes it is good indeed, only if it is mutual.  There always should be a balance in relationship, even just in dating period. You see many Latin women looking for men, the ones who try too hard usually get dumped. Cruel but welcome to the real world.

Colombian women dating

What goes around comes back around. Men think women ask for too much intimacy and get clingy which freaks them out. Men are not too different when they meet his goddess, or meet a Colombian woman.  Colombian single ladies are gorgeous. They are independent and know how to have a good time. With their silky sun-kissed skin and hot bodies in bikinis, they are just poison to every man.  You can’t resist them even by seeing the pictures of Latin women. How to take them and make these naty girls want you more? Firstly, play it cool when you meet Latin singles. Latin beautiful girls are hot as fire, you always feel the sparkles between you. And Latin ladies are very straight forward and easy going, they like laughing and dancing. Sometimes this makes you feel that they like you. But when you say it, they will just reject you. At this time, don’t be upset or pissed off. Just, play it cool. Latin girls women reject you only because they want to make sure if you like them for real, or they simply don’t like you. So don’t feel hurt. Tell her that you feel sorry for this and it is a pity you can only be friends. By staying friends with her you will be in contact and have more space to make things right.

meet Latin singles

When you play it cool, you may impress her so much. Because she is a stunning hot Latin girl who is used to being chased by men. And usually the men who got rejected by her cried out or got really angry. You are different, you just smile and nodded, you are COOL. You should still keep chatting with her now and then and call her. But don’t push too hard, you don’t want to give her too much pressure or push her away. Just small talks like good friends. Keep it positive and fun so that she will want you more. Because with you she feel relaxed and happy.

When she is getting used to everyday chat or hang out with you. Ghost her. Don’t take it wrong, I don’t mean the ghost ghost. You like her and you want her to like you back, this is why you play in this way. Ignore her for like 2 days. At first she will feel different, but still she would not make the first move to text you or call you since she is a spoiled  pretty girl with attitude. Then you just wait, slowly she still  doesn’t hear from you, not even a text of “good night” that you used to send everyday. She is uneasy and wondering “ is he seeing someone else?” “ does he have an accident?” even “he must be having good time with a hot chick!” . At last she reaches the phone and call you. Congrats, she is yours! Don’t forget to make a decent excuse for why you didn’t contact her these days so she won’t be mad at you. All of these reactions are because of women’s nature. It doesn’t only work for Colombian women dating but also all women. You make her want you more by knowing their nature,. Practice makes perfect.