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How To Make Your Profile Picture Stand Out

Profile picture says a lot about you. In fact, it is the first impression prospective dates would have about you. A profile picture has the power to make men click on your profile or distance themselves from it. Research has shown that Russian girls who use good profile pictures receive eighty times more attention than those who use bad profile pictures or who do not use them at all. It is pertinent to always be mindful of the profile pictures you put up when signing up with Russian marriage agencies. But what makes a good profile picture? Some hints are given below.

1.It should have a high resolution
In simple language, high resolution means that the picture can be zoomed to some extent and still remains clear. Good Russian marriage sites like will always encourage members to put up good profile pictures and that is why it is most recommended among all the dating sites. It is difficult to get a high resolution with a mobile phone, therefore, it is always better to use a digital camera for the best quality photographs.

2. Be mindful of your background
Some Russian brides fail to take note of the items on their background. A background can be a spice to your photograph or ruin it completely. Consider taking your photograph in beautiful places like gardens, parks, halls and so on.

3. Make good use of lighting
Lighting is very important in photography. The pose maybe good, Russian bridelikewise the background but a poor light will ruin it all. It could make sexy Russian girls dark on the important places such that it becomes hard for people to see and appreciate their beauty. Taking pictures with natural light such as the sun is preferable to artificial light.

4. Avoid using pictures with multiples faces
Hot Russian girls love to have fun and when they do, they take lots of pictures. And when they sign up with Russian mail brides, they are tempted to use the same pictures as their profile picture. The major setback with using such pictures is that it makes it hard for guys to pick you out from the group. You may also be shooting yourself on the foot because guys will also compare you to the people around you. If it happens that, of all the people in the picture you are the less favorite, you may as well kiss your potential date good Night.

5. Strike your best pose
You profile picture is your selling point and you need to hit that mark anyway possible. A  that really wants to get the attention of men should be ready to put on bikinis and flaunt her curves. Men generally are drawn to sensual pictures and would scamper to get your attention.

6. Full photographs sell better than portraits
Hot Russian girlsMen would always choose girls with full profile pictures over those with portraits. A portrait will make men suggest that you have something to hide but when you use your full picture, you leave no room to doubt. A chat with Russian male or males from other nationalities that use dating websites will further clarify this point.

7. Put a smile on your face
The power of a smile cannot be over emphasized. It does not have to be a flamboyant smile that will expose your entire dental. Smile has a way of charming people and drawing them closer. Men would prefer to date a girl that appears to be happy rather than one that looks as if she has got the problem of a generation bottled up inside of her and waiting to explode.