Russian brides for marriage


The major setback to online dating is the difficulty in picking out the real women from mere robots and scammers. That is in general. The situation is, even more, daunting when you explore the world of Russian women. Some Russian bride agency exploits the high demand of Russian women by Americans and other European countries to scam unsuspecting victims. Others may not really scam but will place an outrageous tag for the services they render that in the end, after you must have achieved your dream, you still feel ripped apart instead of being happy.

Russian mail order brides is a kind of service where you key in your taste and make a match. The sexy girl you have chosen is then ‘shipped’ to your home so you can enjoy a happily ever after. Mind you, Russian mail order brides cost a lot so don’t even dream of it if you are feeding from hand to mouth. As easy as this may sound, is it really the best?

Russian bride agencyNewer platforms are discouraging this type of services. They champion more that finding Russian brides online should involve some kind of dating process which will help both partners to understand each other better. Since dating websites provide call services, there are several ways you can differentiate between real Russian brides and scammers out to fool helpless victims (especially in cases where translation services are provided).

Don’t be too carried away by the sexy Russian brides that fill your screen when you fill in your match or by the Russian bride photos. Falling for this alone spells doom for you. Try to take things slow. Ask a lot of questions especially background questions during chats (questions like birthdays, the number of siblings, favourite colours etc.).

Real Russian brides for marriage would always oblige you with such information. Players won’t. They will always lie and you know the problem with lying? You may never recall what you said and to who. So, when you do ask those questions on chat, note her answers. Repeat those questions to her after a long while when you call and then compare the answers you got in both case. If your hot Russian bride is who she claims to be, it would be a piece of cake to answer (correctly!) otherwise, it will take lots of stuttering and guessing.

Hot Russian brides who are for real are not also in a hurry. They will prefer to know you in and out over a couple of years before they would consider to be with you forever or not. The fakers, on the other hand, are always in a rush to get everything done. Another secret about the fakers too is that they begin to make demands from you from very early on in the relationships. Reckless, thoughtless demands.

Russian mail order bridesIf you suspect a website is parading pictures of sexy non-existent Russian women just to get people to sign up to their website (and, of course, they grow fat from your subscription fee), there is a way to verify too. Such websites would often use robots (pre-installed computer programs) to reply the messages of their victims. These artificial intelligence (AI) will give you the sensation that you are chatting with a live human.

The flaw with AI is that they are too smart to the point that they would want to provide an answer to every question. Try asking several meaningless questions (just gibberish). If you keep getting meaningful answers for all of them, better think twice. However, if you play your cards well, there is more to gain in online dating.