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How to Spot a Drama-Queen amongst Latina Women

 Most Latina women are caring, generous and personable.  They are truly interested in finding a partner that they can share an equal bond of love with. Certainly, most of the Latamdate women are like this. However, there are some girls that like to stir up trouble and will always try to make themselves the center of the universe. It’s important to remember that most ladies seeking men will not be drama queens so if you’ve realized your girlfriend might be one then don’t let it put you off love completely.  The right girl will be out there for you.  This article gives some advice on spotting if a girl is a drama queen before it’s too late.

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She’s self-obsessed

One guy shared some experiences online about dating in Medellin, Colombia. He had fallen in love with a pretty 30-year-old woman because she seemed so passionate and energetic.  However, as time went on, he realized that her energy came at the expense of those around her.  She was so obsessed with herself that she only used other people to make herself feel special.  This poor guy wrote on Reddit, “Before falling in love, you should ask yourself why beautiful girl single?  Maybe she is drama queen.” Forgiving the bad English, one must feel sympathy for this guy.  His heart was broken by someone who never cared about him.


She can’t handle not getting what she wants

Most drama-queens will throw ugly tantrums if you refuse to give them what they want. They will act like spoilt children. Perhaps she wanted to go out for dinner and you had to work late.  There was no way of avoiding your obligations, so you had to tell her that you wouldn’t be making it to dinner.  A supportive and caring girlfriend would sympathize with you even if she is disappointed.  She would understand that you didn’t want to work late and it’s a big letdown for both of you.  A drama queen would fly off the handle, blame you for ruining her evening (if she’s a real diva she’ll probably be melodramatic enough to say you ruined her entire life!) and probably not talk to you for a few days.  It’s really not worth the time or the energy to try and please people like this.  In the end you’ll just feel emotionally drained.

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Her dating profile is more like a shrine to herself

You should always be careful if you see a hot girl profile on a dating app that seems a bit over the top.  If all her photos are ridiculous pouting selfies and photos she’s taken of herself in the mirror, then there’s a chance she’s a drama queen. This kind of narcissistic profile indicates that a girl will always be far too into herself to give you the emotional support and love needed to grow. If you suspect a drama queen online, when you meet girls chat for a while before asking for a date.  See if they actually seem like someone who would be fun to get to know or if they are far better off remaining pictures on your phone.


If you’ve been unfortunate enough to fall in love with a drama queen, then you’re probably feeling quite emotionally drained. It may seem hard to get back in the dating game after an experience like this, but you need to refresh for women who actually deserve your attention.  Most girls do. Most girls will energize you in a relationship and make you feel loved.  They will support you through hard times and make the most of bad situations. Don’t get caught in a vicious cycle of trying to keep a drama-queen happy, you’ll never win!

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