Russian women


Russian women are beautiful, that’s for sure. Dating a Russian girl is one hell of a complicated assignment, it’s a real nail biter, just like a world cup final’s last over, only more exciting, especially if you are not even sure if the girl likes you…so that’s going to be toughly!

Russian girl for friendshipRussian women are BEAUTIFUL:

It’s definitely an understatement, for the amount of hoopla around Russian hot wife and Russian girls kiss, it’s going to be a kiss to remember. The rumors are true and Russian dating sites claim to fame is everything to fall for, Russian hot wives are bliss to have.

Basic set of signs that give away if a girl is interested in you:

Russian women are just like other humans (no matter how hard it is to believe for you) when it comes to tale telling signs of their adoration for a man. There are subtle hints certain body language nuances which give away her true feeling some of which are:


If you are not exactly an expert at reading anyone’s mind, here are some old fashioned advice or tricks of trade that you might want to use:

beautiful lady in RussianBody Physics:

The true sign comes from the physical existence of a Russian girl you are dating. Not only are you in for a wonderful ride but seeing your hot Russian lady in flesh and blood will generate a whole lot of loud signs that her body physics will emit. Whether the fact that you are dating through a Russian website online, as in chatting merely or real time, alone makes a world of a difference.

Practice online dating:

This should start way before you actually meet your Russian girl for friendship or hot Russian wife (future). You start prepping for what to expect. This is one of a kind experience for you specially if you are having serious intentions or aiming to find a long-term life partner. First sign of all is all the communicative attention that you are going to get. You can easily tell if the Russian girl is into you , before you actually start planning of marrying  a Russian girl, is if her answers are full and candid, prompt without hesitation. She will probably even like your pics from before and initiates discussion into future related topics.

Look into Her eyes:

It’s all in those deep big eyes (mostly colored). If the pupils are dilated that’s a sign that a person likes you. That works with everyone not just Russian women so do look at people’s eyes more frequently my dear.

She’s facing you:

If her face and body faces you directly when she begins to talk then that can also be taken as another fare sign of attraction. It clearly means that your beautiful lady in Russian is willing to trust you and let you into her life.

She finds your jokes funny:

If your hot Russian girl finds your jokes funny, when they are not exactly world’s funniest jokes, then be aware that she’s into you, you’ve got the girl. That’s one of the best signs.

Physical touch:

If you are with Russian girl date and she touches you on purpose or even by accident it is the most common sign that she’s into you, if she does so to show her affection then you may just call for some serious celebrations.

Home Ground:

Once the amazing date with probably your future Russian hot wife is over (fortunately with a kiss if you are lucky enough) and you are back home and find yourself  becoming the object of attention and affection of your lady love you may just start celebrating for you and your girl are on the same page.