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Interpreting Girl Personality Based on Her Profile Pictures [GAME]

Hey, we have a fun game for you that might transform your dating life once and for all.

Are you tired of meeting Russian babes, who you think are one person but turn out to be diametrically the opposite once you get to know them?

Well, in the world of online dating Russian women, this happens quite a lot.

What we have here might transform your dating game forever. We’ve put together opinions of multiple relationship psychologists and dating experts to help you interpret what pictures of Russian ladies really say about beautiful ladies from Russia.

Body shots, but no face. The body shots are usually half-naked (bikini or lingerie).

Russian beautiful sexy girlsWhether she wears glasses in all of her photos, covers her face with a hand, turns her face away or crops her face, you might be dealing with an attention-seeker.

For long-term Russian dating, she’s probably not the one you’re looking for, as Russian singles ladies who want to have easy sex/casual relationships via online dating usually cover up their face, and offer their body shots for everyone to see.

If the body shots are fully clothed, you should think twice before contacting a lady who doesn’t even bother to reveal her face on an online dating website.

Russian singles ladiesLots of half-naked photos. Despite you thinking that this is a similar personality as the previous one, it gets trickier here.

Sure, lots of half-naked photos – featuring the girl’s face – must ring alarm bells, but what it clearly shows is that the girl is confident and loves her body.

She might even be a model, or she’s simply good at Photoshop (this part you get to find out when you see her naked/half-naked in person).

When Russian beautiful sexy girls offer nothing but half-naked photos on their online dating profiles it’s usually because they think they have nothing else to offer.

That means she might not be the most fascinating person to talk to, but a wonderful cuddle buddy.

Lots of selfies. When you see beautiful Russia girls upload mostly selfies, it’s either because she’s super lonely and has no friends or you’re dealing with a narcissist.

It’s common for narcissistic Russian babes to not trust the camera of other people, so they just take photos of themselves, knowing what angles suit them best.

She poses only from a certain angle. Speaking of angles… If all (or most) of her photos feature only a certain angle of her face or body, it’s most likely because she’s not a very confident person.

This happens when beautiful ladies from Russia pick a certain angle they think makes them more beautiful/slimmer/emphasizes on the eyes, etc. or they simply believe the opposite side of their face/body is ‘uglier’.

Hint: when being photographed with such beautiful Russia girls, be ready to ALWAYS give her the freedom to pick the angle or side, or she might get depressed over bad photos later.

beautiful Russian girlLots of luxury life snaps. If she chose to upload photos of expensive champagne or some Lamborghini car she’s posing in front of, you might be dealing with a gold digger – who wants her future husband to get her all these things – or she’s simply showing off her luxury lifestyle.

While in the former case you’re probably aware of the dangers of dating gold diggers, be warned that if she’s showing off her super rich lifestyle she probably expects you to keep up with her lifestyle pace (be ready to spend tons of money).

It also suggests – as in the case of lots of half-naked photos – that beautiful Russia girls think they have no other thing to offer as a person than their luxury lifestyle and tons of money.

There are multiple other people on her photos. It’s either because she’s an extravert or because she’s trying to get your attention by fooling you into thinking that she’s not “the ugly friend.”

If most or all of her photos are her with multiple other photos, you start playing the guess who? game, which oftentimes leads to disappointment.

But oftentimes women pick photos with their prettier friends, believing they’re, themselves, ugly, but in reality it’s not the case. Just because her friend is slightly more beautiful than she is, doesn’t make her a walking ugly disaster.

If you want to meet beautiful Russian girls, be aware that this type of girls usually have low self-esteem.

She never smiles in her photos. It’s either because she’s generally a negative, sad person or she just doesn’t like how she looks like with a smile on her face.

If her eyes express sadness and negativity, it’s most likely the former case.

She never looks at the camera. It can mean three different things: (1) she’s not confident, and not looking at the camera is her way of “hiding,” (2) she has picked her perfect angle (and that angle doesn’t involve her looking at the camera) or (3) she thinks she looks better when you can’t see her face head-on.

beautiful Russia girlsIf all of her photos are from nightclubs. Seeing pictures of Russian ladies that are mostly from nightclubs clearly tell you what kind of lifestyle she prefers.

One or two photos from clubbing are fine, but if most of her photos show her being drunk and posing in front of other dancing people on the dance floor – or worse, her getting handsy with some random guy(s) – you should be concerned.

Lots of traveling photos. What it means is that this girl loves to travel (obviously) and also that you should be prepared to keep up with her lifestyle.

This is also her way of telling all potential suitors, “If you’re the lazy, non-traveler type, don’t bother!”