Russian women

Is it possible to fully understand a woman?

Russian women and women in general are special creatures. It is hard for gorgeous and finely dressed Russian hot girls to walk in the midst of boys without stirring up emotions in their heart and lust in their eyes. That is the extent of adoration women get – and also the extent of the trouble they cause for men and to each other because women don’t also fully understand women completely (and that is why you would often hear men say that women don’t like themselves).

Russia for womanOver the year, men and women alike have been carrying out experiments to see if they can fully understand women – or at least understand them a little better. Some men (especially those that live in countries where they are not much Russian women) have even taken their research to the point where they have to travel to Russia for woman sample – more like living samples to use as test subjects. Has this helped? Well, to some extent, yes. There are now various theories and tips about Russian girls which have been found to be general among girls that can be of tremendous help in your quest to better understand women.

Some scientific fact about women

Women have a faster heartbeat rate than men in general because of their smaller body size. Women are also better at detecting smell than men. Women also blink twice as fast as men – and this is very important for men who are into reading facial or body signs. Blinking can mean attraction but since women blink faster, you have to look out for that subtle smile that accompanies it to conclusively tell that she is attracted to you.

Women Listen better

One of the problem men usually encounter with women is that of being accused of not listening. Looking away, doing something else or even doing things that off your control like yawning can be interpreted as not listening by a woman because they are better listeners naturally and would expect that their men listen to them too with undivided attention – even though it is different with men.

She may not really be a drunk

Before you call a girl a drunk, take your time to observe how much alcohol she has gulped down. Women in general have a low tolerance to alcohol and when a man and a woman have taken the same level of alcohol, somehow, the woman will have a higher alcohol level than the man. Hence, it is easy to see that some of a woman’s action and reaction are governed by her physiology – and yes, you can call them lousy drinkers.

They talk louder and cry harder

Russian hot girlsIt has been proven scientifically that women say about 20,000 words a day while for men, that number is way outrageous. So understand it when a woman goes all chatty when she is excited or angry. The best you have to do as a man is to listen and comment when necessary. Women also cry 30 64 times a year either for a just cause or something a man would judge as petty so you better get used to the tears.

They are smarter too

The two recorded cases of high IQ were all women. Women are also ‘busier’ than men and you can guess what takes most of their time; looking at mirrors, deciding what to wear, menstruating – a really great way to keep busy, right?

Why all the statistics you may ask and how does it explain that beautiful Russian girls photos changes frequently on their online profile. Well, when you understand the psychology and physiology of a woman, you would be able to forgive and overlook at some of their trivial rants.