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Is Your Relationship Toxic? Get Out NOW If You Notice Any of These Signs

When you and your significant one have been together for a while, it becomes practically impossible to determine if you’re in a toxic relationship.

No matter what anyone else tells you, know this: clear thinking and long-term relationships are like two different planets.

They are like Earth and Mars. You may think they are relatively close to each other, but in reality, they are about 225 million km away from one another.

Feelings and love tend to overcloud your thinking to the point when you can’t even tell if your relationship is healthy or toxic for with American girl

Signs That Your Relationship is Toxic

The thing about love is that it starts out as a big, sparkling flame. But any flame eventually turns into smoke.

And all that smoke blocks your view and prevents you from maintaining a clear head in a long-term relationship. But what’s even worse: you can’t breathe it.

So is your relationship healthy – with the passion flame that has been burning since you fell in love – or is it toxic with the suffocating smoke that actually blocks your clear thinking?

If you notice any of the following signs in your relationship, then you might be living in a toxic environment… and who knows how long before it suffocates you to death.

Getting Out of a Toxic Relationship: It’s Hard, Yet Possible

We’ve all been there: if you love someone, you’ll most certainly try to justify their actions. You’ll also tell yourself, “I can live with that” and carry on suffering.

Breaking up with a beautiful Latin girl because you think she’s toxic for you is tough. But it’s not that tough once you look at the potential outcome of staying in a toxic relationship and quitting it.

First of all, look. There are literally millions of single stunning girls out there. If you’re in a toxic relationship, you’re missing out all the fun you could have if you were single.

Second of all, if you’ve developed that toxic emotion in your relationship, know this: it will never go away. It will only get worse.

The phenomenon has yet to be studied, but that toxic emotion can turn even the healthiest of relationships into something unhealthy and horrendous.

There is so much fun you can have in this life. There are so many Latin women looking for American men. There are so many things you can do, achieve and experience.

But none of this will ever happen if you keep staying in a toxic relationship. So why ruin your life?

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You’re Excited About Time Away From Them

If you look forward to being away from your significant one, it’s probably about time to get out of that toxic relationship and seek other beautiful single women.

If you love someone and you – and your entire body – want to be together with that person, you want to spend as much time with them as possible.

If it’s the opposite, it means you’re in a toxic relationship.

You’re Constantly Depressed

If you think your life sucks, it may be because you’re in a toxic relationship.

We tend to get depressed, frustrated and even develop suicidal thoughts when we’re living the life we don’t want.

And a lot of it has to do with your partner. If everything seems depressing, you aren’t happy with your life and even your friends notice that you’re a downer, it’s time to get out and start enjoying your life.

If it makes you feel better about yourself, go look at Latin girls pictures. After all, the mere thought of becoming single and actually being able to date one of these girls in the nearest future is sweeter than honey.

You’re Irritated Around Your Loved One

If you get irritated whenever your significant one does something – anything – or simply around you, it’s a surefire sign that the relationship is toxic for you.

Wouldn’t you rather chat with American girls that you actually enjoy company of? I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’ll always feel this way when being around your partner.

You Gravitate Toward Single Life

If everything seems ‘okay’ in your relationship and nobody is treating anyone bad, but you can’t help but dream of being single again, it’s a bad sign.

Some people are just meant to be alone, and some people just aren’t meant to be together no matter how ‘right’ their relationship feels.

If you cannot help but think about your single life, why keep suppressing your natural urge? Look at Colombian women pictures – so many Colombian girls are single.

You Have Low Self-Esteem

If your self-esteem is lower than ever, it’s obviously a bad thing. Whether your partner insults you or makes you feel stupid or weak without directly insulting you, it’s a clear sign that you’re in a toxic relationship.

Even if your significant other doesn’t do anything to offend you and treats you well, but you still suffer from low self-esteem – and you know your self-esteem was higher when you were single – then you’re in trouble.

It may be hard to explain to your partner why you’d like to split up – they don’t know how the whole thing feels deep down inside – but breaking up is a much healthier alternative to forcing yourself to live the life you don’t want.

You Don’t Even Know Why You’re Together

If you question why you’re even together with your significant one, it’s a clear sign that you’re in a toxic relationship.

When the relationship is so unhealthy that you don’t even know why you’re with that person, you might want to get out as soon as possible.

The thing about staying in toxic, unhealthy relationships is that you’re not doing good to either of you. A toxic relationship is in 99% cases unfixable.

So isn’t it time you break up and go chat with American girl as a free, single and for once, a happy person?