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Is your Russian date a breadcrumbing aromantic? All you need to know about modern dating slang

Your Russian date can be romantic enough if you know about the modern dating slang. Ah the Russian beauty!! It’s impossible not to gaze into nothing with a smile of serenity when imagining the ideal Russian babe. In truth, there’s not just one ideal type. Russian women pics on dating apps are actually widely varied. There are beautiful, tall, slender, dark skinned Russian Muslim women in the South. And in the north, one can find fair Siberian enchantresses of a far lighter complexion. It’s well worth checking out Russian babes pics on apps like Tinder for observing this. In any case, when a Russian beauty walks into one’s life the hope is that she doesn’t leave quite as quick. But today’s dating culture is so vibrant that it can be hard to keep up. New slang has surfaced to describe phenomenon’s that could only be experienced as a result of online dating. Here are some important words that beautiful Russian ladies will use when discussing their dates.Russian beauty


Single Russian girls might often be described as aromantic. No, it’s nothing to do with the aroma of their favorite perfume; it actually describes an individual who has no emotional attachment to romance. They are incapable of experiencing love in a romantic way. This does not mean an aromantic cannot be affectionate and caring, in fact, it means there’s a lot less pressure when it comes to anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

Single Russian girls

Casual Relationship

Pictures of Russian women followed by a bio that says, ‘only looking for a casual relationship is either a gold mine or a catfish (a fake profile!). A casual relationship is one where two people enjoy each other’s company and hold intimate relationships but distance themselves from traditional couple boundaries. Casual relationships are often not exclusive. As long as one can swallow their jealousy and possessiveness then they’re in for a fun time!



Being breadcrumbed has happened to lots of people. It’s basically when you’re tagged along by your crush. She will show you a low level of interest so that the lines of communication are still open but will never go out of her way to arrange a date. If she really is a Russian hottie that’s totally worth it then keep following the trail. Maybe one day she’ll decide to up the tempo.

Love Bombing

This is the movie enthusiast equivalent of falling in love with a movie before you’ve seen it because the trailer is out of this world. But when you finally go to the cinema you realize all the best bits were packed into that 2 minute trailer. The rest of the film is just irritating! A Russian woman would be love bombing you if she showered you with love and did everything in her power to impress you initially; in the ‘get to know you stage’. But when the honeymoon period wears off, the dragons of her personality appear and you’re in for a rough ride. It’s impossible to tell if you’ve hooked a love bomber until it’s too late, that’s why they’re so dangerous.


Some animals fight to the death to find a mate. The modern human swipes. Most dating apps will have Russian ladies photos, for instance, and the option to swipe right or left. Left means, ‘get your ugly face off my screen’ right means, ‘well hello there’. David Attenborough should really do a documentary on the serial human dater. It’s a culture of dizzying complexity.