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Latin Girls searching for honest guys: A guide to keeping secrets in a healthy relationship

Healthy relationships with Latin girls must be based on mutual trust.  Without this foundation, ugly sentiments such as jealousy and paranoia will begin to creep in and create a toxic environment.  If you are lucky enough to be dating a hot Latin American, then she deserves an honesty from you that will make her feel secure and respected.

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What’s the difference between a secret and a lie?

When dating Columbian girls, it’s important to understand the difference between keeping a secret and lying.  A secret is something that has happened to you, or that you have done, which you have decided not to tell your partner about.  A lie is when you directly deny something that has happened. Obviously, a lie is worse than a secret because it shows that you do not have enough respect for truth.  No matter how much two people love each other, if one is unable to respect truth then they will never be able to build a healthy relationship.  There is almost no circumstance where lying is a wise decision in a relationship.

When will keeping a secret not damage mutual trust?

There are rare occasions when keeping secrets from beautiful South American ladies, may actually be an acceptable choice in your relationship.


A lot of Latina women, and gorgeous European women for that matter, love being surprised.  Unless you know for sure that your partner hates surprises then this is an acceptable secret to keep.  Whether it is a birthday or a weekend getaway, this can be a concealment that will, in the end, help to improve your relationship.


If you’re planning on asking your partner something special and, potentially life changing, then it will need some preparation.  This kind of a secret will generally not damage a relationship because it’s concealment is only temporary.  You were always planning on revealing the truth in the end.

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When can secrets ruin a relationship?

There are some secrets that may seem like a good idea.  You may feel that you are protecting your partner from unnecessary hurt or you’re worried about burdening her with problems that could be stressful.  However, in most circumstances, the following secrets should never be kept.


Being disloyal does not necessarily mean cheating. If you find yourself secretly looking at images of Latin women online, then this is something you should tell your partner about before she finds out.  This often shows that you are not fully satisfied in the relationship and if your girlfriend finds out, by seeing it on your history for example, then it will be far more damaging than if you discuss the issue beforehand.  Even better than discussing this just stop looking at pictures of Columbian women online and focus on your girlfriend!

Big life decisions

Perhaps you’ve been offered a new job. Or you’re thinking about leaving your existing one.  These are big decisions that will change your life drastically.  If you’re close with your partner, especially if the two of you are living together, then decisions like this will obviously affect her.  If you decide to quit your job, or take on a new one, without discussing it then your partner will feel undervalued.  It will seem as if her opinion doesn’t matter to you.


Free Columbian dating sites are a great way to meet the woman of your dreams.  Once you’ve found her, you’ll want to keep her. The best way of doing that is by showing respect through honesty and always telling the truth.

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