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Lip biting- The one thing Russian girls REALLY like – according to Russian dating

Without a doubt, it is possible to identify flirty man oeuvres which work better in some countries than others. For example, Russian dating is very different to dating in the West or dating in East-Asia. Let me ask you a question: think about which language you find the hottest. Do you find Russian hottest? I’m sure you have an opinion about this, and so do women, from everything down to your body language. I’m also going to guess that there are plenty of languages you find hot, right? The reason for this is that there’s a universal language none of us really speak, but that we all have in common. This language is body language.

Russian Ukraine womenBut how can we find out what these Russian Ukraine women really like? Luckily, researchers are highly interested in body language and relationships, so we have a huge literature base to dig into. This is great if you’re looking for Russian and Ukraine brides, or Russian hot girls to date, so let’s take a few pointers from their research.

The truth is, this specific man oeuvre I’m going to talk about goes back many years, and has withstood the tests of time and evolution.

When many of us think about how to begin a conversation with a girl, we think about what to say, right? Whether we should make a joke, say a silly pick-up line to make her laugh or just say “hello”. But most of us are doing it wrong already.

Think about what attracts you to a girl. I’m gonna guess it’s her smile, the way she looks at you or away from you if she’s shy, the way she touches her hair… Am I right? There’s one thing these man oeuvres have in common. They’re all forms of body language. None of these wonderful little mannerisms involve speech.

But which one do girls find REALLY sexy?

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There are many reasons for this, and most of them are subconscious (this is why we need research!).

1. Many of us look at the lips first

Largely subconsciously, our attention drifts to their lips. Clearly, this is where we want to spend a lot of time, so it makes sense that we’d take a visual tour. Men are also very visual, so we often imagine ourselves kissing people we’re attracted to. Lip biting, therefore, draws attention to this spot.

2. It’s a way to suppress desire

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Do you ever bite your lips when you feel anxious? That’s your body’s natural reaction when you want to suppress something. When someone bites their lips, they are having a reaction to YOU. The reason for this is that our mouth is the centre for all things desire. Whether we desire food, a kiss or so on, we use our lips. So, of course, that’s a huge turn on for women.

3. Fast science

Biting down on your lips makes them plump and attractive, as contact brings blood to the surface. This explains why many women do it unconsciously when they’re attracted to you.

Try lip-biting to show your desire for her and it’s guaranteed to turn her on.

You might have one last question: are Russian girls pretty? Of course they are, that’s why there are specific Russian sites for dating and genuine Russian dating sites to help guys like you.  Make sure you choose the Russian dating site that’s best for you, and before you go, check out our other articles for more pointers on giving a good first impression (can add a link here to an article on this topic).