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Looks Aren’t Everything, Smart Is The New Sexy: Look For A ‘Sapiosexual’ Among Ukrainian Women

How many times did you hear the annoying and super-cliché phrase “Looks don’t matter, it’s what’s inside that counts”? You may have heard this phrase from your friends every time they react to your story of getting rejected by beautiful Ukrainian women.

I get it. When you hear that phrase, you want to punch that person in the face. They just don’t get it. They say, “Looks aren’t everything,” and yet it’s quite difficult to believe in it when you look at all those flawless people on their Instagram pages.

Well, Instagram isn’t real life, and looks may not actually be that important, no matter how ridiculous and naive it may sound considering that everyone around us seems to be obsessed with their perfectly white teeth, hot fit bodies, 3D abs, Botox-filled cheekbones, often enhanced by plastic surgery and other procedures.

Is it possible to find a smart AND beautiful Ukrainian girl? 

It sure seems as if it’s impossible to find a bride Ukraine girl who is smart, intelligent, and enjoys reading educational books more than she enjoys taking selfies in the bathroom of some trendy café place full of hipsters. Likewise, it seems that finding a woman who isn’t shallow and is actually attracted to intelligent men, rather than men who look like hot male celebrities from glossy magazine covers, is an impossible task, too.

But a new study suggests that who people who are sexually attracted to intelligence rather than looks actually exist. And there are quite a few of them, it turns out! In fact, we’ve compiled a list of Ukrainian women who are well-educated, smart, and have successful careers. And trust me, they’ll love your brain much more than the size of your wallet!

Why you should be looking for a sapiosexual among Ukrainian women

The girls Ukraine you should be looking for are called “sapiosexuals.” Well, it’s not like when you meet Ukrainian ladies they come with a label that indicates whether she’s attracted to looks or brains. But at least it’s nice to know that you can get a Ukrainian date with a woman who isn’t shallow and isn’t looks-oriented.

Being a sapiosexual means being attracted intelligence in a partner above all other qualities. If this sounds like you, don’t be quick to add “I’m a sapiosexual!” to the bio in your Ukrainian online dating profile. The thing is: not that many ladies Ukraine are familiar with the term, and those who aren’t might think that being sapiosexual is some sort of fetish or weird perversion of yours.

Are all smart girls ugly?

If you’re attracted to intelligent girls, it doesn’t necessarily mean that intelligent has to be ugly. In fact, you might be surprised how many lovely women in Ukraine are both smart and good-looking. And to prove this point, we compiled a list of women who are both intelligent and beautiful on an online Ukraine dating site CharmDate.

Fact: Studies show that only between one percent and eight percent of people aged from 18 to 35 identify themselves as sapiosexual.

Since encountering a sapiosexual is a rather rare phenomenon in today’s Instagram-obsessed world, you will surely enjoy our list of beautiful Ukrainian ladies who are beautiful both internally and externally.

Elen, 28

“Lubov,” learn to pronounce this Ukrainian word, because it means love in Ukrainian. Why? Because it seems that you will be saying this word a lot more often if you meet Elen, whose charming looks combine with intelligence into one hell of a sexy and irresistible mix.

Alexa, 28

If blondes aren’t really your type and you want to meet Ukrainian women with dark hair, no questions asked, have Alexa, who isn’t even in her 30s yet and she’s already smarter than the vast majority of thirty-something. Alexa is a purposeful and career-oriented Ukrainian woman looking for some warmth from an intelligent man.

Irina, 35

Jokes aside, Irina has a rather large erudition and wisdom. Irina says in her online dating profile that she has a romantic personality, which perfectly completes her brains. Whether you are a sapiosexual or not, let’s not deny the fact that Irina can ignite any heart regardless of whether you’re looking for a smart OR beautiful girl. If she has ignited yours, be sure to send her a private message today and hopefully you will get a Ukrainian date.