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Many people don’t fancy the idea of dating online in general, be it of Russian girls or girls from any other part of the world. Yes, for anyone who has become used to the regular dating or needs physical touches regularly to fill their void, it may be hard to convince them to try this new kind of dating that technology has brought upon us. However, if the person has an open mind, with the right amount of reason, you can win them over.

russian dateIf you find yourself in such families (the technological non-receptive ones I mean) and peradventure you have got an eye for a Russian date, these points I will roll out in a bit will help you convince your parents to give their blessings (and that is if you give a hoot to what anyone says).

The repulsion of most people from engaging in online dating especially one that promises Russian brides match often stems from the myth that all online dating are a scam. Others have the notion those Russian brides that sign up for online dating must have done terrible things that made no one look their direction anymore so they decide to take their search across border, and then there is this fear of cultural shock.

Though there may be pockets of cases that justifies their fears but it shouldn’t be generalized. Below are some points you can use to try to convince them;

1) Advantages
There are many advantages to overseas dating. The most glaring one is that if it succeeds, you will have the privilege of dual citizenship. Russian girls dating American guys look up to this most times.

2) There are guaranteed routes
Russian mail order brides are agents that match Russian love birds with serious men in Europe and America. There are small fees you will be required to pay. Some of them verify the identity of their clients to make sure they are genuine and not some regular tricksters hoping to swindle unsuspecting strangers. It is always good to seek out the reputable mail orders and go through them. The risk is lower that way.

3) Reduced friction of idea
You don’t just walk up to anyone on the street and begin to talk about the relationship. In the world of dating, it is different. This is the reason why the girls are there so they won’t feel embarrassed when you begin to talk about relationships.

4) Easy to find what you are looking forrussian loveNo matter the kind of lady you are looking for; big, small, fat, thin, jovial, and serious, they are all in one place. Outside the internet, what you do most times is ‘try your luck’. That costs time and money you know.

5) Success stories
Good thing is that most (if not all) Russian dating websites have a provision for reviews and comments. People use the platform most times to share their success stories. Make these stories known to your family as a proof. Knowing that one person succeeded may change it all.

If after all said and done, your family are still strong headed and you on your path still have hot sexy Russian girls plaguing your sight then the best thing to do would be to put your happiness first. If getting married to a Russian lady is all that would make you happy, then my candid advice is to shove aside what everyone thinks and work towards making your dream a success. They may not believe you from the start but if eventually you become a success, they will definitely shift grounds.