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My Russian Girlfriend Is Too Hot To Be Accepted By My Parents

You are falling in love with a Russian hot girl and you believe that she’s the one you’re going to spend a life with, but your parents say: no.

Well, it happens. Maybe it’s because she barely speaks English, and they feel like unable to communicate with her. Maybe your parents just can’t accept intercultural  romance. Maybe they think that she’s not good enough for you.

But, you know what? All of above don’t matter at all. Why your parents don’t like this girl you chose is not the key of this problem. They’re just too stuck up to see your bride to be the way you see her.

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Let’s say, can they or can’t they ground you, since you’re not a child anymore? The truth is, you insist on getting married with this girl, and your parents can’t do anything to stop you.

See? You don’t have to be entangled in what your parents’ thought, if you don’t even care what’s bad they said about your girl. You’ve seen the Russian women most beautiful qualities and you can deal with some of her shortcomings. Your parents can’t understand you because they’re not you.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t ignore them or despite them, for their original intention is for your own good. If you put this disagreement on the table to intensify contradiction between you and your parents, that’s immature, and it will ensure an awkward hard dynamic for years.

Russian women profilesEven if you have the power to defeat them, you should not but to rational state inner thought. Always remember that you parents love you, no matter what they do, they love you from the heart and concern for your long-term happiness.

Find some time to talk to them. Sit down and tell them how you met your girl. If you knew this girl through a live Russian chat, your parents may suspect that you’ve been misguided by the Russian women profiles online. So, never mind if your explanation works or not, you have to tell them what this girl’s like and if you love her and she is the one I think your parents will feel it too.

There may be a lot of prejudice about Russian girls from your parents, but every time they bring these misunderstandings up, you shouldn’t cover ears and defend with an iron hand. Never turn your discussion into a battle. Believe me, it doesn’t help.

To show that Russian girls hot physical appearance aren’t something to blame on and it definitely has nothing to do with their qualities. Tell them where to meet Russian girls, and they probably think that there’s all fake information on the dating site. Tell them how far they get wrong. But give it time. You know you can’t change one’s opinion in one day.

Before your parents accept her, you have to be patient enough, or your time with them will be a long-suffering. Don’t give up, for whether they like it or not, in time, they will come around in the end. The dirty little secret is, they have no choice.

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Every time you’re going to discuss the girlfriend, to ease tensions, talk about how much you appreciate their support and good intentions. Then you can tell them that you’re rational enough to be in this relationship, and how much you love her, and what’s in her makes you love her so much.

Another novel idea is to make them try the way you did before. Why don’t you sign up a new account for them so they can literally surf on the site to see Russian women online for themselves? Seeing is believing. How about trying to know a person before judging?

Er…but I recommend this getting-know-way to your mother better. After all, Dad to chat with a Russian girl online is not what your mom wants to see either.