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Reasons for Colombian Women to Get Insecure

Colombian women are generally renowned for being laid back and easy going. However, if you are dating a Latina then you will know that even the most relaxed girls still have their limits.  Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what has changed your girlfriend’s mood. One minute she is laughing and joking and the next she’s quiet and distant.  This article looks at some things you might be doing without realizing which contribute to a cataclysmic change in the relationship’s atmosphere.

Colombian Women,how to say hi in Latin

You’re not engaged in conversations

Most ladies seeking relationships want a guy who will listen to their stories and make them feel interesting.  If you spend large portions of your date disengaged by checking your phone or looking around the room rather than focusing on your girlfriend, then she’s going to feel inadequate.  If these are habits that you’ve been typically adopting, then you should really consider if that person is really making you happy or you’re just going through the motions.  The joy of our modern age is that it’s very easy to get back on a Latin dating service and find a girl that actually commands your attention because you’re generally interested in what she has to say.

You check out other girls

Maybe a group of hot old girls enter the restaurant whilst you’re on your date.  One sure fire way to make your girlfriend feel insecure is to continuously check them out.  If you truly love your girlfriend, then your prime focus should solely be on her.  If you’re regularly checking out other girls, then you need to seriously ask yourself why.  Perhaps you’re just curious; there’s nothing explicitly wrong with that, but if it’s making your girlfriend feel insecure then you really have to find a way to stop doing it.  If you’re doing it because you’re genuinely more interested in other girls then stop dragging on the relationship, it’s not fair.  Use a great dating site like LatamDate and find the woman who’s going to stop your wandering eyes for good.

Colombian Women,dating a Latina

You keep her a secret from your family

Perhaps your family are very traditional, and you’re worried about how your Latam contact will be received by your parents but that’s not for you to decide.  If your girlfriend loves you then she’ll want to meet your family. If you love her then there’s got to be a good reason for it.  If your parents love you then they’ll have to accept that.  By putting this off you’re only making your girlfriend feel more insecure and making the potential meeting even more awkward if it ever does happen in the future.  Forget your fears and just arrange the meeting and you’ll hopefully be surprised.  One guy joked that he was worried his mum would get his girlfriend’s name wrong because it was Emilia. She pleasantly surprised him by saying that it wasn’t hard at all because it’s just Emily in Latin.  She also learned how to say hi in Latin just to get things off to a good start!

You don’t respond to her messages

As long as your girlfriend isn’t clingy then you should take the time to respond to her messages even if you’re busy.  Something as simple as, a ‘thinking about you’ or ‘can’t wait to see you’ might seem like a small gesture but it makes a huge amount of difference to your girlfriend’s sense of security.  Most of the time she’ll just want to know that you’re safe especially if you’ve gone out with friends and it’s getting late.  It really doesn’t take long to send a simple message to let her know you care.  And it will save a lot of time later trying to comfort her because you made her feel so insecure by being silent.

Colombian Women,dating a Latina