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Research Reveals that People Get Fat In Relationships, But Not When You Are Dating These Ukrainian Women

A new survey has confirmed that being in a romantic relationship makes you gain weight (no surprises here, really, we’ve all known it for years), but we actually know someone Ukrainian women who stay fit and care about their looks regardless of whether they are dating, married, or single. More specifically, we have three Ukrainian girls who won’t ditch their active lifestyle and healthy diet if you put a ring on their finger.

Being in a romantic relationship makes you gain weight, a survey finds

But before we get to these hottest Russian girls from an online Ukraine dating site, let us discuss the latest findings of the new survey no matter how unsurprising and obvious they might seem to many of us. Unsurprisingly, the survey conducted by the University of Queensland in Australia confirmed the link between being dating someone and gaining weight.Ukraine online dating free

According to the survey, which analyzed decades worth of data from more than 15,000 people, individuals who are in a happy relationship weighed much more than the single ones. In fact, the survey found that those in a romantic relationship weighed an average of 5.8kg (12.7lbs) more than those who were single and ready to mingle. Moreover, the study found that those who were in a committed relationship had an average weight gain of 1.8kg per year.

Why women ‘get fat’ in relationships

We all know that feeling (if you don’t, go try a romantic relationship ASAP!) of insatiable comfort that comes when you are dating someone. It happens to most of us. As we begin to feel ourselves more comfortable in the company of our new partner, we tend to stop obsessing over our looks, and particularly, weight.

Some European women go as far as stopping to wear any makeup and significantly reduce their levels of daily physical activity. Others, meanwhile, simply stop spending their free time in the gym, sweating away those calories and trying to look as fit as possible, and instead, spend that free time with their romantic partner (or watching Netflix).

Even the most beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women are guilty of this. For a girl who’s in a relationship, looks lose its appeal and she no longer sees the need to put tons of makeup in the desperate hope of impressing some hot guy at the gym or grocery store (if she meets one, which is… never).

Minimum or no makeup, high heels, short skirts or mini dresses… Clothing gets comfy, you have more time to eat whatever you want and stay home (after all, you don’t need to spend your time in the gym anymore!)… As a result, we gain weight (or, as many people would say without trying to offend anyone, get fat). This is the sad reality of a committed relationship for many women across the world.

Are there Ukrainian women who DON’T gain weight in a relationship?

But not all Ukrainian women online are like this. As a matter of fact, we know at least three Ukrainian beauties from CharmDate, a leading online Ukrainian dating site, who will continue to look as sharp and sexy as possible even after they get into a relationship. Sounds interesting? Then let’s hop right into it!

Julia, 25

Don’t expect this stunning lady in a yellow swimsuit to ever gain weight. Any woman seeking man in Ukraine would kill for a body like this, and it’s safe to assume that Julia would never sacrifice her flawlessly toned body for anything or anyone. No matter how comfortable she might get when dating you or any other man (but we certainly hope that it’ll be YOU).

Christina, 23

Christina calls herself “flexible,” “sporty,” “curious,” and “open to everything new”. But gaining weight in a relationship or stopping to care about her appearances is definitely not what she considers being “open to everything new.” We guarantee you that. After all, Christina designs lingerie for women (and, obviously, she wears those as well!). Christina, like many other Ukrainian girls on the Ukraine online dating free hit the gym regularly and stay in shape not to look good trying to impress someone else, but to look good for herself.

Lana, 33

Lana is a beautiful blonde woman. She prefers sophisticated look which also matches her very well. It is much more difficult to stay in shape when you hit a certain age. But Lana keeps it well by hitting the gym and eating healthy. Leading an active and healthy lifestyle is what Lana is keen on for her future family. Like many Ukrainian women, they age like fine wine, and looking good is their greatest passion.