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Russian Women Do Have a ‘Type’, Science Reveals (Find Out What It Means For You!)

Ever wondered why Russian women that you’ve been chasing around seem to go for a certain “type” of men?

Let’s say a single Russian girl falls in love with a jerk (and he’s obviously a jerk). You think to yourself, “Damn, girl, don’t do it to yourself, you’ll regret it!

And you – a good guy, and a romantic type – think to yourself, “Thank God, now she’s learned her lesson the hard way, and I will finally be with her!

But no luck here again. She finds another jerk – just as jerky as her ex or even jerkier – because it’s her “type.” And every time her relationships with arrogant and obnoxious jerks fail, she walks right into the jaws of that same shitty decision again.

Study says: having a ‘type’ is real

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And while conventional wisdom says, “Well, certain people just make bad romantic decision,” a recent study has actually found a scientific reason why this is happening.

Ever wondered why your palms get sweaty only around hot Russian women or young brunettes? Because they are your “type,” and all people have a certain type, a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has found.

Something that we have been dismissing for decades – saying, “Oh, come on, there’s no such thing as ‘having a type’is actually a thing, and it’s now backed by science.

The study looked into three separate surveys that analyzed past and current relationships of over 1,000 people of all ages. The researchers relied on information that the participants provided voluntarily through social media platform and interviews.

So you do have a ‘type’ after all…

According to the study, attractive Russian women are more likely to seek out attractive partners for both casual and committed relationships over and over again.

It’s like they are programmed or something. And you know the reality all too well: when browsing through thousands of images of Russian women, only a certain type seems to catch your eye – a redhead, a single Russian girl with big, gorgeous eyes or a supermodel-like body right?

But it’s complicated…

However, the findings of the study can’t be summarized in black and white. Turns out, if you see a certain pattern in all of your exes – and it’s not just their physical appearance – then it may have something to do with the kind of people you’re likely to encounter on a daily Russian women

Meaning: your type may reflect where you live, study or work.

So you may be more likely to fall in love with lovely Russian ladies of certain education, income level, profession or even religion, just because you will encounter many of those based on your surroundings.

So if jerks are constantly on the radar of hot Russian women simply because of their college or job has plenty of those (think: salesmen or lawyers), naturally, they will keep going on dates and marrying jerks.

As simple as that. Wait, but does it mean people actually have a “type”? Absolutely. Basically, the study found that for some people, the ideal “type” is influenced by physical attractiveness, while for others surroundings play a bigger role.

But what if you want to date only Russian women?

Now that we’re entering the cuffing season – when snow starts to mount on the ground (especially in Russia) and you’re more likely to seek out physical warmth in the form of a huggable human being – here’s what the study’s findings mean for you.
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If you have a cookie cutter approach when it comes to choosing partners, go for it.

If you love traditional Russian sexy girls of Russia women even though you’re a foreigner and having a long-distance relationship with Russian women is, obviously, more challenging than just finding a girlfriend among locally-available women, don’t worry.

With so many online dating websites available, where you can have webcam live chats any time you want, the experience of maintain a long-distance relationship with lovely Russian ladies shouldn’t be an obstacle to dating Russian women.