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Signs on the first date that suggests you are headed for doom

Going on a first date with Russian girls are almost comparable to a gamble; you can never be sure that you would win every time. It is even worse if you are not observant because you will end up wasting your time and money before realizing that the affection was never there from the first day. When you meet Russian girls online and want to date them, there are signs that will tell you if you are wasting your time and they are as follows;

Russian hot girls1. Long wait before messages are replied

Russian babes are extroverts in nature and many of them spend a good number of hours online every day. With this knowledge, you should expect that each time you initiate a chart, she should respond in record time, right? Wrong! Russian hot girls will only give you a reply if probably they are sizing you up, hoping things could work out between the two of you. If not, be prepared for a weighty silence hours or days after you send her a message.

2. You are the one that always begins the chat

If the chat a gorgeous Russian girl is one-sided like a question and answer segment, that is, you are asking the questions and she is providing the answers without her attempting to ask you a single question then you should be wary already. If she is interested in you, then she will make an attempt to know something about you and that would make the conversation more fluid.

3. She logs off amidst discussion

Young sexy Russian girls logging off in the middle of a gripping discussion is a really bad omen for you. The only possible meaning of that action is that you are boring or not in their league. If you have experienced this before then you probably already know how painful it is. If this happens on the first date without any explanation whatsoever, then prepare your mind that more arrogant behaviors will follow shortly. In that case, it is better to flee with your heart intact.

4. One word reply

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This is the most unbearable stab a bad Russian dating can do to you. It is very painful when you are trying to initiate a conversation and the girl keeps giving you a one word reply. It is mentally draining and heartbreaking at the same time. Sadly, this is what you should expect on a first date if she has no taste for you. It only shows that she devotes more of her time to someone else.

5. She enjoys the food more than the conversation

If you date Russian woman physically, and probably take her to a restaurant to eat, the next thing that would happen is that you both order for what to eat, right? While eating, it is natural to start up a discussion. On a bad first date, the girl will seem more interested in the food than in the discussion. She would eat voraciously and maybe even without manners in a way that would make you feel embarrassed. And when you guys are done, she would talk more about the food than about the both of you.

Irrespective of the signs listed above, patience may just change it all. Most of those bad first date signs are often tricks Russian brides device to taste your patience and endurance, to make sure you are not around to eat their fruit and flee. If you are patient enough, she may just pull down her shield and you will have a wonderful relationship.

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