pretty Russian girls

So you wanna take the next bold step and chat online with a Russian girl

So here’s a snippet from one these pretty Russian girls profile:

“i am outgoing and humorous, friends always think that i am easygoing and kind, i am willing to help others who are in trouble, i enjoy every moment in my life because every second is precious to us. I like perform, which make me happy and full of passion every day.”

You’ve sifted through a gazillion of sexy Russian girls profiles and pictures and you decide to pick this one. Why? Shrug. Not sure. She sounds nice you tell yourself. Okay. What else? She’s got the biggest boobs you’ve ever seen. Okay. We know where your priorities lie. That’s okay. Her skin is flawless. Okay. Nooo?it can’t just be makeup and lighting?this is the real thing.
Talk to her. Take the step cowboy and say hello?

“Hello. Am Bill”. First name bases that’s good. And……?

“You are very beautiful.”. Okaaaay?Dude I know!

Guys? This is so cliché. Really? Do you see a sample beautiful Russian girlswhat these beautiful Russian girls is say in their profile? She says she’s got humor, passion and an outgoing personality and that’s all you can say?

Как поживаешь? – How are you ? Google some shit up man and take an interest in her language?.This is the best ice breaker showing you have taken some interest in learning some of her language! If you’re looking for a Russian girlfriend learn some gab!

The good thing is that you are already a fascinating being, a foreigner and all you are is a ticket for her to come to your “world”. The land of the free and the home of the brave! You’re brave dude, looking for Russian girls for marriage online! shooo

Rule number one: Don’t fake interest. These hot Russian girls will spot you a mile away. Just be genuine and she will follow suit

Rule number two: Learn some of her language, saying just something that you can use in general to everything e.g На Бо́га поло́жишься — не бло́жишься. Translates – If you rely  Compliment, compliment, compliment. Young Russian girls coming of age need approval; it very important to them. They have to feel accepted and throwing in some nice things about how her body looks will go a long way.

Rule number three: Always acknowledge with a yes. Westerners have a problem not following through with a confirmation of some sorts. E.g. Russian young girls say,
You will love me if I love you, yes?” Please, please fellas don’t answer with a long sentence. Just say exactly as she asked…
”Yes. I will love you if you love me”. Strange huh? It’s the language formation; and in order for you to get the hang of it you will have to listen to this cues.

Rule number four: Don’t over sell yourself with what you have and can give. These hot Russian girls
know that that is the man’s job?no need to tell this Russian girl you want to marry that you will give her everything. She’s expecting you to, dah?

Rule number five:
Mention God a lot. Trust me.

hot Russian girlsRule number six: Treat her right from the very beginning. She also knows that you will treat her better than her Russian men. You’re caring, fun, and just want someone to acknowledge that.

Rule number seven: Play emotional heartbroken Charlie! Cute Russian girls love patching up men’s emotions. Very nurturing. Tell her everything that went wrong in your last relationship. She has a solution.

Rule number eight: Mention to these beautiful Russian girls about Russian architecture, museums and music. Reason being that they are more likely to have a higher level of education than the western women. Most play an instrument of some sorts. Ask if she plays an instrument, ask if she likes going go the museums. They are very proud of their heritage and it will help you out if you keep up with at least one or two landmarks. Google is your best friend!

Rule number nine: Don’t try to be funny. Your sense of humour will fall on flat as one thing may sound offensive and off. Save the humour for much later when you win her over.

There’s no rule number ten. Just be yourself and keep an open mind, flex your fingers, type, chat and love will come to you!

Удачи мальчик любовника – Good luck lover boy!