Russian beauty girls

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and set up a Russian dating site profile–here are some do’s and don’ts

In such a volatile international climate as we live in today, there are few things everyone can agree on. The economy, warfare, terrorism–bring up any of these topics at the local watering hole and the only thing you are guaranteed to get agreement on is that you are an ass for bringing up stuff like that.

But one fact is beyond dispute: some of the hottest, sexiest women in the world come from Russia and the Ukraine. These Russian beauty girls are unimpeachably, unimaginably, undeniably gorgeous, and shame on you if you don’t know that already.

Russian brideAnd dating Russian women is suddenly very popular. There are so many sites out there looking to hook you up with your very own Russian bride, or if you’d rather take it a bit slower than that, just for casual dating. So as you get ready to set up your first profile on a Russian dating site, it should be super easy right? Just copy and paste your profile from Facebook or some dating site, grab a photo that shows you in a reasonable facsimile as to how you actually look, an presto change-o, you are bound to be rolling in dates with leggy, tall, blond and beautiful women, right?

Yeah, I’m sure that’s how it works, Romeo. Those girls have just been holding their breath waiting for an opportunity to throw themselves at you, based on that one picture of you at your brother’s wedding from four years ago where you could barely open your eyes.

Now, here’s the thing: yes there are a multitude of Russian dating sites out there, its true. But times have changed. Not only in western countries, but in places like Russia too. It’s not like in your old man’s time, when you could just mail off for a literal catalogue of supposed Russian women, and place your Russian bride order through the use of a self-addressed stamped envelope.

The Russia women of today are just as connected as we are by the web. It is a diverse, educated, sophisticated people who are looking for many of the same things we are. So you are going to have to step up your game when it comes to posting a profile on a Russian dating site.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your profile stands out from the crowd, and so you don’t look like a jackass.

  • Use your best picture – Now understand this: it is entirely possible that your best picture hasn’t even been taken yet. I get it: in your enthusiasm to meet hot Russian ladies you are impatient and you want that profile up as fast as possible. But it won’t do you any good if you look like a dipshit. Get out, take some new photos! Which brings us to number two:
  • Russian girlsTake some pics doing things you love – Its easy enough to write about what you like in your profile, but its so much more dynamic to show rather than tell. You like rock-climbing? Get a friend to take a pic of you. You like playing basketball? Have one of your bros snap a couple of phone pics of you on the court. You like horseback riding? Well, you get the idea. But one more tip:
  • Don’t post shirtless photos on your profile – Even if you are looking to date Russian girls, even if you do like horseback riding, do NOT try to go for the Vladimir Putin look. He might be able to pull it off; you definitely can’t. If this concept is still unclear to you, here is a handy dandy little formula. When it comes to profile pictures, shirtless = douche. Every time.

Happy hunting friends! The Russian she-bear awaits!