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Some Internet Slang Terms You Need to Know While Colombian Dating

Let’s face it: Dating isn’t the same as it was five, ten, fifteen years ago… Especially when you’re dating Latino girls online, the most you go by are the words you exchange. But then again, even as you try to get your words right, are you cool about it? Is it possible that you could go wrong by being clueless about internet slang terms while Colombian dating?

For instance, how would you respond if a Latin pretty girl is ghosting or catfishing you? Would you be flattered or offended?  Would you freeze or run when someone says they want you to cuff you!

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Clearly, nowadays, dating involves more than reading between the lines of an online conversation. It also entails knowing the latest internet dating slang words that Latin women seeking men use.

To shorten your search and spare you the confusion (and the embarrassment) of not knowing, here are clues on some of the most-commonly used terms you need to know:

Benching. Would you be proud to say you’re “benching” and that you’re being “benched”? (It’s not like you’re bench-pressing or anything.) Pretty much like cushioning or stringing, benching means keeping someone on the sidelines, that is, until something or someone better comes along. It’s being kept out of the playing field and put on reserve. So, if someone texts or messages you only when they’re tired and lonely but never when they’re out to have fun, then it’s not likely to sit well with you.

Breadcrumbing. When beautiful Colombian girls are “breadcrumbing” you, this doesn’t sound good, either. The prospects look bleak. After all, breadcrumbing involves sending someone flirtatious messages and suggestive signals but being non-committal about it. Thus, the come-on may be real, but the outcome is uncertain. You’re better off meeting Colombian women who are wanting to cuff. Why so?

Cuffing. Unfortunately, that season is almost over (for some but not for everybody). It’s that time of the year when people want to shack up with the next decent person that comes their way. So be careful when someone invites you to cuff. Don’t be prepared for a fist fight, because it’s going to be more of a bed and pillow fight.

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Catfishing. When meeting Latin pretty girls, have you ever gone “catfishing” or been “catfished”? To be catfished means to be deceived by someone who’s pretending to be somebody else. Thus, their profile might either be real or non-existent, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are one and the same person. Instead, girls may be fishing for more information from you before they reveal who they are, if they do at all.

Curving. Out of all the many internet dating slang terms out there, this is one which could hit you out of nowhere. So, be on guard! Aside from being thrown some breadcrumbs by Latin single girls, you could also be dealt a curveball. “Curving” means to reject a person, while being “curved” means to be rejected by someone, for one reason or another. Initially, it may prove to be a big let-down for someone like you who’s sincere in your courtship. Nonetheless, it could turn out to be a huge relief, especially when you’re after a long-lasting relationship.

Ghosting. Forget it, guys. Ghosting doesn’t mean you’re being shadowed and followed. Rather, it happens when someone suddenly disappears from your life, simply because they’re no longer interested in you. End of story.

There are more internet dating slang terms out there in the world today, and the list only grows longer. So, get to know more of that dating slang as you continue meeting Latin women from different backgrounds and generations.

It looks like you’re better prepared now to navigate the minefield of dating jargon. You are the new generation of online daters out there – cool, smart, and well-informed in the art of dating Colombian single women.

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