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Started Dating Cute Russian Girls? Read These Dos And Don’ts Of Surviving This Thanksgiving With Your Girlfriend

When it comes to dating cute Russian girls, be warned that there will be plenty of obstacles, challenges, and pitfalls in your relationship. Not to discourage you from dating Russian ladies for marriage, of course!

If you wasted no time in live chat Russian women on dating sites and have finally gotten yourself into a relationship, there comes some of the biggest challenges in your relationship: Thanksgiving. While most Russian women don’t normally celebrate Thanksgiving, Russian girls looking for American men do.

Many things could go wrong during Thanksgiving dinner with your or your Russian girlfriend’s family, especially if this is the first time you or your girl are introduced to the rest of the Russian girls online

You may be surprised to hear this, but the number of breakups across the world skyrocket at the end of November, which is, unsurprisingly, just after Thanksgiving. If you don’t want your relationship with a Russian mail wife to become one of those flings that didn’t survive through Thanksgiving, read these do’s and don’ts.

Do prep her on the guest list

Unless you want to end up in an awkward situation where your Russian beauty girlfriend says or does something that makes one particular guest during Thanksgiving dinner uncomfortable, and this thing could have been avoided had you prepped your girl on the guest list, do give your Russian girlfriend a little background info about everyone in attendance.

Don’t go crazy with it

I know, you want everything to go as smooth as possible, and to be just perfect. But you don’t need to spend sleepless nights with your Russian girlfriend trying to teach her what not to do and what to do during the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t go crazy with the preparations. If you truly love your girlfriend and want it to be genuine Russian dating, let your girl be herself and your family will definitely love hot Russian girls

Do make sure your girlfriend is included in the Thanksgiving preparations

As you probably know, Thanksgiving preparations are always chaotic and disorganized, so any help from guests is definitely appreciated. While your family members will probably refuse to let your new girlfriend step in and offer help, you will have to let your family know in advance that your girlfriend loves cooking (and she does it well!) or any other ways she can help with the preparations for Thanksgiving.

Don’t abandon your girlfriend

If you date Russian girls online, you probably know that Russian women love it when their significant other pays attention on them and is always there to help in a difficult situation. And meeting your family members for the first time on Thanksgiving in a foreign country is certainly one of those moments when your girlfriend desperately needs your help, so you shouldn’t even think about abandoning your date even for a second (don’t go crazy with it though, you can let your girl use the bathroom by herself). Make sure your Russian girlfriend feels comfortable around your family, or else you risk having a very tough conversation when you and your girlfriend return home after Thanksgiving.

Do plan an early exit

While you’re probably used to staying with your family members until the very last guest leaves on Thanksgiving, if you’re bringing your new girlfriend to meet them on this holiday, it’s a good idea to plan an early exit. Imagine how difficult it is for your girlfriend to be around the people she doesn’t know. Yes, they’re your family, but she still needs time to get to know each of them. So if you meet hot Russian girls and start a relationship around Thanksgiving and decide that it’s time for her to meet your family for the first time during the holiday, be sure that you leave earlier because the longer you stay, the higher the chance that the evening will end not as smooth as you hoped it to be.