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Steps to get a girl that is out of your league

Russian women and European or American men are worlds apart in terms of the league but does it mean that they cannot date each other? Definitely not. Dating a girl that is out of your league can be a difficult and thrilling adventure at the same time and you just need to find a leverage to give you the advantage.

hot single Russian ladiesIf you must successfully date hot Russians that are out of your league then you need to put on your patience robe. The main secret in dating hot single Russian ladies that are out of your league is to make them your friends – and you know how tedious and demanding that task can be right?

A recent study conducted by some researchers shows that when those in the same league can meet immediately and begin to date while for those with contrasting social status, it may take a little longer for them to begin to date. When you meet a Russian women who is in another league her default judgment will be that of your superficial looks and because you do not blend into her class, her attitude will be dismissive. However, with a constant close call, your inner charm and stellar behavioral attributes will begin to be on her face and ultimately begin to interfere with her superficial judgment.

Hence, the right question you should be aiming to answer should be, how do you stay in the friend zone of Russian top girls long enough for them to consider your dating proposal. What you should realize is that there no well-defined laid down the procedure to making friends. If you compare friendship to wine, you will discover that everyone has their taste and you just have brew in accordance to the taste of the person you want to serve but some of the tips below can be of great help.

Seduce her with gifts

Do girls love gifts – who doesn’t anyway? If seeking Russian wife who is not in your league, you can draw her attention by sending her gifts. Send her a few flowers or a chocolate wrapped in a box particularly on special dates like her birthday and you would have created the spark. She may not appreciate the first few but if you keep sending her barrages of them, she will be forced to take them. Don’t forget to tag with a friendly note.

Call her regularly

Women are naturally wired to talk and talk, unlike men who would rather talk in their hearts. If you are dating women from Russia you would have discovered how much they appreciate it if you call them frequently. If you are not in her league and wants to give it a shot, try calling her frequently. Let your voice be the first thing she hears in the morning and they last she will hear before going to bed. Sustained call and messages will definitely make her accept you as her friend.

Be her supermanRussian top girls

Girls never forget the people who came to their rescue when they were in need. Meeting her needs here may not mean breaking the bank or smashing through the center of the earth. Lending her a pen or helping her to carry her heavy bag is enough to spark interest.

Use eye contact and body language

It may be hard for a girl to persistently ignore a guy that has shown genuine interest in her. There is a research that shows that women naturally fall in the place they are loved. Sparing her few glances every now and then is a way to draw her attention without you having to say a word. When you become her friend – no matter her league – dating becomes easier.

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