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Stop just looking at Russian Women Photos and Start Making Connections: A Guide to Mutual Attraction

Are you a shy person who is so worried about rejection they spend most their time browsing the internet and looking at Russian women photos without any hope of ever finding true love?  Are you interested in Russian dating? Then, you should really get your act together. Most women are actually deep, caring and wonderful human beings that desire connections with good, respectful guys.  Putting yourself out there is not always easy though but if you never even try then there is no chance of scoring any hot Russian brides. If rejection is something that you really struggle with then you can try to avoid it by being sure that feelings of attraction are mutual. Single women dating is obviously looking for someone to share a deep emotional connection with but whether that person is you can often be hard to tell. There are some telltale signs that hint at whether that tall Russian girl is into you as much as you like her. This article considers ways of being sure that your date likes you back before making your Russian brides

The language barrier is not awkward

If you don’t have a first language in common, then misunderstandings are completely normal.  The difference between a funny language barrier and an awkward one is how willing two people are to create fun interactions. Learning how to say hot in Russian or wife in Russian might be a funny ice-breaker for instance. In any case, you will be able to tell if the feelings of attraction are mutual if she’s making a real effort to keep the conversations going.

Single women dating

There’s a lot of affectionate touching

Russian party girls will generally be as shy and reserved as you are, if not more. They enjoy their personal space and will usually not be extremely touchy-feely. If you find that your date is stroking your hand or taking every possible opportunity to touch you in an affectionate way, then that’s a very good sign she’s into you. You’ll  probably be safe from rejection if you make your move when a girl displays this kind of behavior.

You’re messaging each other all the time

So, this is not a definite sign that there’s mutual attraction but it’s certainly a strong indication.  If she’s always replying rapidly then it means that she’s thinking about you a lot and wants to hear from you as much as possible. Either you send some really funny GIFs or she’s into you. Ask her out, there’s a 95 percent chance she’ll respond you positively.

You notice things about each other that others might not

Subtle haircuts and new clothes are things that might be overseen by friends or acquaintances but if a girl really likes you then they’ll definitely notice these things. Big Russian women can be extremely perceptive when they want to be, and they’ll surprise you with how precisely they’ve observed your appearance. If you’re getting a lot of compliments from a girl about changes in your appearance that even you have hardly thought about then there’s a good chance that she likes you.  If you like her back, then this is a great opportunity to ask her out.


No one likes rejection because it’s not a great feeling to think that a feeling of attraction is not reciprocal. By looking out for signs of mutual attraction you can save yourself from embarrassment on most occasions. Though, every person is different and emotional behavior can be inexplicable at the best of times.  However, be observant and you can be sure she’ll say yes before you even ask her out.