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Study Says More Women Are Happy Being Single, But That Doesn’t Mean You Should Stop Chasing Russian Girls

Okay, so you may have seen this study recently. It says that women ever prefer to stay single more than ever before. But does it mean that your mission of finding Russian wife should end? Nope! You can still pick up Russian girls.

In what comes as a pretty surprising (and somewhat far-fetched, TBH) study, the vast majority of single women are happy with their relationship status. The study, conducted by consumer analysts Mintel, showed that a staggering 61% of single women are enjoying their single life, compared to 49% of single men.

Before you throw a tantrum, our initial thought was, “What?!”, too. I mean, for many men out there looking for Russian and Ukrainian girls this may be a devastating blow below the belt (ouch, that hurts).Russian bond girls

Not to mention that the study also found that 75% of these women have not actively looked for a relationship in the past 12 months in contrast with 65% of single men. However, the study was quick to add that the sentiment was especially strong for women over 45.

Before you crawl into a hole and put a blanket over your head, and never come out to look for Russian girls again, hear us out. There’s still a chance.

Wait, why is this happening?

Russian girls for youScientists explain the previously unthinkable phenomenon that an increasing number of Russian mail order brides tend to give up relationships as they require a lot of psychological, emotional, and… physical work.

(Think about it the next time you will be refusing to do the house chores while in a relationship with Russian bond girls, yeah?).

Scientists explain that Russian girls and other women believe that they spend more time on domestic tasks than their partners do. The cooking, cleaning… Ugh… On top of all that emotional labor to keep the relationship running smoothly!

You do realize where we’re headed, right? As long as men fuel that stereotype/myth (which one is it in 2017?) that men let their wives and girlfriends do the heavy work around the house, the list of Russian girls for you will keeping getting shorter and shorter.

No wonder why impressing a girl on Ukraine Russia dating website has become harder than ever. That’s because many of them are not interested in committed relationships anymore!

Is there a chance to get a girlfriend or wife in 2017?

But here’s the thing: many women tend to adopt a cooking cutter approach when it comes to getting into new relationships: if men are cheating and untrustworthy pieces of crap, why would Russian girls even want to date, let alone marry, them?

And it kinda makes sense, if you think about it. But still, there’s a solid chance to get a girlfriend or get married despite the seemingly discouraging study. Do you know what all those women on Russian dating sites photos are looking for?

Russian dating sites photosThey are looking for a man of their dreams: the man who would love them deeply (ehm… yeah, both emotionally and physically), be passionate for them exclusively, always fuel the intimacy, surprise them, and give them reasons to smile every day!

If this list of habits of an alpha male sounds like too much work, maybe you’re not ready for a committed relationship yet? If it sounds like something you can do, by doing the above-mentioned things you automatically become more desirable than roughly 90% of all men on Earth.

This would give you a huge upper hand over all those fellas who try to sleep around with as many women as possible, and all they think about is getting into a girl’s panties. Sure, women from hot Russian girls gallery enjoy the male attention, but those guys are not even close to boyfriend- or husband-material.

But are you?Russian single