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Texting Hot Latina Women: She’s Hot, You’re Not—Don’t Make These Mistakes!

It is nearly men’s fantasy to find hot Latina women, or better yet, to marry one!  Not only will the babies be beautiful, but the food will be great  and there will never be a dull moment with your gorgeous Latin wives.  One of the best ways to impress her, though, may also hold a man’s undoing—we’re talking about how to text her, and we want you to be mindful of 21 mistakes men sometimes make when texting a woman—no matter where she’s from!

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  1. Watch Your Language, Mister!  If she doesn’t swear, don’t swear.  If she doesn’t use lingo or “street talk,” don’t you do it, either.  If your Spanish is lousy, especially if she is a Latina, don’t harass her with your lousy Spanish or Portuguese.  Part of why beautiful single girls are so beautiful is they are intelligent, too!  Don’t even bother if she’s out of your league and you know it.
  2. The Three-day RuleThis is one rule that is meant to be broken.  Not only is it rude to leave a girl hangin’ like that, it serves no purpose, other than to irritate her and ruin your chances for a second or third date.
  3. Leaving Her Texts on ReadNothing blatantly says “I don’t care” like putting a girl on read and making her wonder what’s going on.  Little boys play games.  Real men text back.  Don’t put your friends on read either, dude.  Shame on you!
  4. Being pushy or overly needy If you’re pleading and begging her to text you back, or if you are bombarding her with text messages so fast there’s no way she can respond, you don’t need a date, you need anti-anxiety medication.  First rule—calm down.  Let your date have a minute and get her bearings. Colombian women are passionate and romantic, they make the best girlfriends but they need space too. If you push too much or don’t give her time to respond, you’ll just end up pushing her away.
  5. Texting her the minutiae of your dayThis may have been cute and funny when you were in high school, but adults know that other adults have jobs and lives and meetings to attend.  Keep it short, sweet, and to-the-point.  Single Colombian ladies do appreciate that.
  6. Same stuff, different dayDon’t text her the same pick-up lines or jokes.  It’s one thing to have an inside joke you two can share—that’s how the best relationships grow—but bringing it up every time means you have very little to say, and she’ll get bored.
  7. Exhibiting distrustful or stalker behavior Colombian females don’t take their phones to the bathroom with them.  No one wants to hear their phone blow up during an important meeting or during a major workload.  The only thing stalker behavior will get you is a restraining order (or worse).
  8. Use Your WordsYes, actual words.  LOL or WTF are ok on occasion, but constantly using texting shorthand will make you both feel like you’re back in middle school.  Actual adults text back using words, not slang.
  9. Bad Reflections If she sends you 4 texts a day, you send 4 texts a day.  If she sends you a cute or funny video clip, you should find one, too.  If she writes in complete, grammatically correct sentences, see Mistakes # 9 and #1.
  10. Pushing for a date with no chemistrySexy Latin ladies won’t bother if there’s no connection or chemistry, so if she’s not feelin’ it, don’t be jealous or pushy, just move on.  Nothing screams I am a creepy stalker like someone who just won’t take no for an answer.

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  1. Getting Friend-ZonedNo one wants to get friend-zoned.  That goes both ways, too.  If she asks how your day is going, tease her a little bit and be funny!  Sexy Latin ladies love when men are funny and can joke with them.
  2. Too Cool It’s great that you’re cool.  It’s great that everyone around you thinks you’re cool, too.  But if you act too cool and aloof, she’ll think you aren’t interested and move on. Don’t do this with Colombian ladies.  They are not impressed and to many Latino singles this comes off as rude behavior.
  3. Flattery It’s great that you think she’s beautiful and you want to tell her so.  Repeating it in an endless loop will make her think you’re only interested in one thing—getting into her pants.
  4. Ramble on This goes with Mistake #6.  Tell her how your day is.  She doesn’t want your life story, dude.
  5. Drunk-texting Beer Google  exists for a reason.
  6. Never sure of what you want when she asks a direct question or wants you to decide
  7. Always talking dirty It’s one thing to get a little sexy when you flirt.  It’s another thing to use graphic descriptions.  Don’t make her send those texts to your mother. Sexy Latin ladies don’t need that hassle.
  8. Fun Guy So you went out and had a great time!  Congratulations!  Trying to be funny every minute afterward is exhausting—for you andfor her!
  9. Begging for attention See our mention of creepy stalker behavior.
  10. Half-Naked Pictures No One Asked For Hey, it’s great that you go to the gym and you’re trying to clean up your diet!  If you two are just talking or texting and haven’t even been on a date yet, this is not the time to send her a shirtless, sweaty picture of yourself.  It is not okay to ask for her

Be a gentleman who has manners and good sense of humour, you will win every woman’s heart!

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