gorgeous Russian woman

The 7 Russian Female Online Dating Types

Russian date sites, like most dating platforms are over flowing with profiles of stunningly beautiful women all looking for love online. The women you will come across online are very diverse regarding their outlook not only about ‘men’ but their entire online dating expectations and attitude. Tips on how to approach and respond to the seven primary types of Russian girls you’ll come across are as follows:

Those That Prefer You to Chase Them

This type of Russian woman believes tales about ‘man-hunters’ and ‘woman-prey’ meaning that women do not chase men— period! This lovely lady will happily respond to being ‘chased’ or ‘wooed’ as this makes her feel special. Generally she makes a dedicated and faithful partner so long as you keep the relationship alive, exciting and she still feels special.

Pick Me! The Always Says Yes Type

This is the woman that either approaches you or responds with a YES to your profile and messages without even having checked you out! Be wary as she may also simply vanish or stops responding out of the blue. You really are better off with a Russian lady that has seen your picture and read your profile thoroughly.

Too Eager & Cold FeetRussian girls

These are the gorgeous Russian girls that immediately give away too much information; way too fast. They will happily chat away providing copious amounts of chit chat but when time comes to move the relationship from online to the real world— they clam up, don’t deliver or suddenly get cold feet.
Try asking more specific questions that move things forward such as what she knows about your country or how her family might feel if she were to relocate overseas. Don’t give up these types but likewise; keep in mind that she may not be ready for a serious relationship just yet.

You Need To Tick All The Boxes— She Has A Checklist!

This type of lovely girl is serious as she know exactly the type of man she is looking to meet and hopefully marry. You will need to have the exact qualities and attributes before she will communicate with you let alone perhaps one day meet you and fall in love. Not up to scratch? She’ll reject you in an instant!

The Angry Woman

Best advice here is to stay away. This is the gorgeous Russian girl that believes she has been unfairly treated and her profile reads like a horror story filled with all things she does not want, etc. Avoidance is truly your best option here.

Russian ladyThe Gorgeous Non-Responder

These are the women that have amazing pictures and a great profile but despite logging on regularly never respond to messages or invites to chat. Chances are these girls receive so many messages they simply cannot respond to everyone or is patiently waiting for her ‘Prince Charming’ because she knows how stunning she is. Chances are she will not respond unless you write something so profoundly moving— either really funny, cute or smart that you completely throw her off guard.

Casual – The Jackpot of All Dating Types

These Russian beauties are a great option as most are open, friendly and honest. Having found the site by accident or through the recommendation of friends these girls have few if any negative preconceived ideas about online dating. They are happy to just go with the flow, make contact and just enjoy the excitement of the online dating world. Go for it!
It’s best to always be genuine with all seven types of female online daters whilst keeping in mind the tips offered about each specific type. Good luck in finding your very own gorgeous Russian woman to love and cherish.