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The best way to tell a Russian girl that you love her online

The best ways to tell Russian women that you love them when you are chatting with them online is not to tell them. Just show it rather than tell. Research has shown that women, in general, hate it when a man walks up to them from the blue and begin to profess love. Sadly, this has become the trend since online dating became popular.

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Online dating has made many men irresponsible in the sense that they have lost all manner of approach and sensitivity towards the feelings of Russian pretty girls. Dating websites have become the easiest link for guys looking for Russian women for marriage. The sad news is that most of them don’t do it properly, even when their intentions are genuine.

Normally, such guys will just scroll through pictures on a dating website and if anyone catches their attention, they will chat them up saying all sorts of things like, ‘I love you’, ‘I want to marry you’ and stuff like that. If you say such to her face, be sure to get your face bathed with vodka.

There is a slogan that ‘slow and steady wins the race’, this is one of Russian women features. They really like to take things slow and gradually, and that is why they don’t always fall into trouble. If you are up for Russian dating, this is one of the things you should have in mind. Keep your libido in check and let her dictate the pace. If you dare to increase the speed beyond her comfort, you will definitely lose her attention.

Russian girls dating online prefer men that make them comfortable. In order words, the best way to tell her that you love her is by becoming her friend. This is paramount when dating with Russian girl. Begin by getting to know her. Also, make yourself known to her. Tell her what you do and who you really are behind the physical looks – your passion and philosophy of life.

Don’t be in a rush, give her a couple of months – every fine wine takes time to age. After a few months, if she doesn’t open up, then you can make your feelings known to her. Never be tempted to just say ‘I love you’ like it is a kind of magic bullet because it would not sound flattery even if the girls is not the most beautiful Russian woman.

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The more you begin to tell her about how you feel, the more you will begin to stir up such feelings in her too if she has been trying to suppress it. It is rare to be wrong when you go it the slow way with a Russian girl, unlike when you want to drive in the fast lane.

Patience is also the virtue that is promoted by the majority of the Russian mail order bride agents. Though it may not be pronounced, but it explains why they keep bringing up features that will create intimacy and help the users get more intimate. Some of them have features such as love calls, translators and a number of other features that help the users interact with Russian girls.

Maybe these agencies should begin to write these intentions in bold print, something like ‘TAKE IT SLOW WITH OUR RUSSIAN GIRLS WHEN YOU GET INTO THIS PLACE’ so that most guys will know what they are going into and probably reduce the frustration most guys feel at the end of the day. These agents mean well, they wish all dating to end in marriage because that is how they make their money.