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There’s Actually a Formula That Can Save Your Relationship with Latin Beautiful girls

And this formula isn’t X (no cheating) + Y (no jealousy) = ultimate love. Surprisingly found out in interviews with Latin beautiful girls.

In fact, even couples who never even thought of cheating on their partner and never annoyed one another with excessive jealousy can ruin their relationship.

Cause? Lack of love language.

For some people, giving and receiving love is only appropriate through the words “I love you” and compliments, while for others the receive-and-give-love channel can be only actions, gifts or quality time.

If you’re dating a  , chances are that the two of you are not only thinking in different languages, but also speak different love languages.

Even if you tell your beautiful Colombia girl that you love her billion times per minute, it may not be not a very compelling proof of your love to her as long as you’re not buying her gifts.

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That’s because you speak the love language of physical touch, and she speaks the love language of gifts.

If you’re confused, let me explain the love language phenomenon in a second. In 1995, Dr. Gary Chapman published a book called The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate.

As its title implies, there are five love languages:

  1. words of affirmation (“I love you” and compliments);
  2. quality time (the amount of time you spend together and how many sacrifices you make to spend more time together);
  3. physical touch (touching your partner, kissing and having sex);
  4. acts of service (actions that show your love);
  5. gifts (receiving and giving gifts, not necessarily expensive and big ones).

Now, if you’re used to showing your love through physical touch, that’s okay. But you must be aware that just because your girlfriend rarely touches you doesn’t mean she’s thinking of breaking up with you!

In fact, you’ll have to find out her way of showing love, be it through gifts, actions, words of affirmation or quality time.

Does it make you or your Latin beautiful girls weird?

Everybody is different, so whatever works for some Latin beautiful girls may not work for others. Meaning: you and your partner must acknowledge that we show how much we love our significant other differently.

If you fail to do so, it may cause serious disagreements, unnecessary assumptions and fears or even lead to a breakup.

All Colombian single women are different. Some grew up in families where one word can mean more than hundreds of acts, while others were raised to believe that just one action can tell more than millions of words.

Also, don’t forget that if you’re a foreigner looking for Colombian brides online, it means the two of you grew up in different cultures. That means whatever works for you may not work for your gorgeous Colombian girlfriend.

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Here’s how you can use love languages

If you date Colombian women, you need to be aware that most of them speak the love language of words of affirmation and gifts. That means you have a unique chance to win over a beautiful Colombia girl online.

With women so different and stunning in Latin America, each of them requires a different approach.

When you sift through all the pictures of Columbian women and choose the one among so many young and mature women seeking men, find out what’s her love language.

If it’s words of affirmation, don’t shy away from complimenting her and expressing your feelings through written and verbal words.

If it’s giving and receiving gifts, consider sending her a bouquet of her favorite flowers after sneakily finding out her home address (make sure you do it in a non-creepy way!).

If it’s physical touch, quality time or acts of service, keep your written and virtual conversation to a minimum and ask her out on a first day as soon as possible.

Learning the love language of your partner and teaching them your love language can make a huge difference in your love life. After all, you need to communicate properly in order to understand each other and exist in harmony.